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This season of GOT


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I remember the days when the worst thing I had to boii about was how Jaime didn't look like Cersei, and wasn't even blonde..... but last season's finale and just about every single episode in this season were terrible! Yes, the last book were a mess, Dance with Dragons was yawn after yawn about either characters that were too boring or usually interesting but in this instance dicking about aimlessly for long periods of time. The show needed to compress some things. Aegon appearing would be extra. But let's face it. The show ruined so much (sansa + idiotfinger with teleportation powers, Dorne (other than Garlan Tyrell, Ellaria Sand was the kindest person in all the books, why did they need to make her retarded villain?), Jaime and Bronn replacing their pretty awesome respective stories with a pretty shapty combined one, several wasted minutes each episode spent on telling us "ooooh Ollie is going to do something bad".... , Dany being a crazy psycho who fed men alive to dragons and forced Hizdahr to marry her.


There were good things (the High Sparrow played by an excellent actor who did the role of a priest that is terrifyingly incorruptible great justice), much of the Wall-related story minus the sulking little shap that will ruin an iconic moment in the books next Sunday, Arya arc (I hate that they combined the Kindly Man with Jaquen H'gar, but otherwise pretty spot on), etc, etc. Even the last episode, which probably had Stannis fans swear at their TVs had that moment of Dario being like "Ooooh bet on the smaller fighter, I killed every big man I fought with with ease......" and Dany being the stupid fangirl agreeing with that jock that she has a teen crush on, siding with over her husband (who I repeat was given a choice between being a husband or a dragon snack) right until the big man just cut his head off.....

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Damn, am I the only one who has enjoyed this season? Hardhome was easily one of my favorite GoT eps of all time. There's no way I'm the only one that has wanted to see what's going on there after reading Cotter Pyke's letter.


I've read all of the books, so at this point I'm basically just seeing two completely different stories unfold. My primary complaint is how flobing weak the Unsullied are in the show. They're supposed to have short swords for close combat, what the flob?!?!

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The Hard Home scene was the only good part about this season. I wish they kept the wights slow moving instead of this world war z stuff. But I guess they dont want to be too similar to Walking Dead. Its something I can easily over look.


Even if I look at the show independent of the books Im still disappointed extremely disappointed. Granted that is pretty hard for me because im such a book loyalist.


Take this past ep for example. That fighting pit scene while looks great is just utter nonsense. The show likes to rush to these huge moments but the building up to that moment is utter crap.


1. Sons of the Harpy are killing high born and low born Mereen's indiscriminately.

2. Sons of the Harpy apparently do not care that she reopened the pits or she is adopting there customs.

3. Unsullied who are trained from infants in the art of war seems incapable to stop some common folk with daggers.

4. Dany who is supposed to be extremely compassionate for her subjects leaves Jorah Dario Missenda Tyrion in the pit surrounded by enemies.

5, Dany has Dario her bf in the same box as her husband and lets them have a ridiculous pissing contest.

6. Jorah loves Dany but insist on touching her when his highly contagious diseases with out gloves.


Jon...... So im supposed to believe Jon refused to land at East Watch? That he chose to land north of the wall and walk to castle black with what appears to be thousands of Wildlings many who are sick / women / children. Putting them in real danger of the White Walkers?


Dorne is just a complete useless joke. It serves no purpose in the story at all. Like im supposed to believe Doran is going to send his son and heir to KL? Along with his only hostage? There is much and more to say about Dorne but its just completely a joke.


Stannis..... Im supposed to believe one of the most widely respected and strongest military leaders in Westeros period. Put all of his siege weapons / supplies / horse in the same spot that 20 men could burn them all? 20 men were able to sneak into a camp of 5k and kill every horse, burn every scrap of food, and burn all of the siege weapons...... Its just nonsense. They wanted to give him a reason to burn his daughter but the build up to it was a joke. Its just the show trying to win the audience over with shock value. I mean Stannis goes from. "Your my daughter and heir I love you" to "Welp I forgot to post guards tonight and I let 20 men kill hundreds and ruin all my horse, supplies, and weapons. Better burn the girl"


All of the above was a perspective from a non book point of view. I could go on for years about a book perspective.




I agree flob Olly. Subtle much? I dont want to spoil it for the others, but holy shap it could not be more obvious how there going to butcher this moment also.


character assassination after character assassination.

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If you've liked the show, I sooooooooooooo recommend reading the books. Season 1 is almost perfectly in line with the 1st book, you see some small differences in season 2 vs the 2nd book and then shap just completely deviates.


The show doesn't give us the inner monologues the characters have with themselves, so the character development in the books is pretty amazing.

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..... If you love this crappy show so much. You will absolutely love the books.... It honestly beyond compare. Its a mosaic of text. Iv read the books three times now and ever reread I find something new. There is a whole story being told subtly that can be hard to catch.

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I don't know about you guys but... there's a whole lot of king's blood pooling in the snow considering Melisandre arrived recently...


Also there were rumors Kit Harrington was on the payroll for season 6 and 7 but he has denied them as of last night's episode. Could be a cover up though.


Sorry for not using spoilers. Too hard with mobile and figured anyone reading had watched already...

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The actor who plays Jon Snow Kit Harington is trolling in the interviews. He will be back if not in season 6 then defiantly in season 7. Jon is to important for the story from multiple avenues. Plus GRRM has hinted at Jon not being dead in interviews over the years. Then there is the fact that his last chapter in the book ends with an... Ellipsisis what this is called. Its the only time he has used it at the end of a chapter implying there is more to come.



Bran was not cast this season because last season he reached book 6. This season the rest of the main cast was playing catch up.


You can expect Bran, Hodor, Rickon, Osha all to be back next season.


I just hope to god that GRRM is able to publish the 6th book before the next season. I obviously have no hopes for the 7th book being published for the 7th season.

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