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Item Rework: Chilling Artifact and Spell Buffer


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Recently, there have been talk about how "support" items like Chilling Artifact and Spell Buffer do not really give the feeling of "supporting". Therefore, I suggest incorporating Actives into these items.


1. Chilling Artifact


Observed Issue: Although Chilling Artifact has great stats, builds from a GP3 and is very powerful early and mid game, the item's unique is relatively useless against Heroic units late game (which means it is only really useful against creep), as anyone building Weapon Speed can easily outstrip the slow from Chilling Artifact (or the effect itself is vastly mitigated by Coat of Arms, which is nowadays frequently a part of team compositions).


Suggested Active: Incorporate a new item into the game which uses Chilling Artifact and Swordbreaker as components (or Swordbreaker as as component of Chilling Artifact, whatever floats your boat), giving the new item the current Swordbreaker's Active. Korhal Vanguard has Phase Shield Alpha, and Spell Buffer has Phase Shield Beta. Why should Chilling Artifact be the only one without a component that has a Unique?


This would resolve two issues: supplement Swordbreaker's relatively weak stats with those of Chilling Artifact, and supporting Chilling Artifact's passive Unique with Swordbreaker's powerful Active (Seeing as Mossberg Taser can now be built into Frozen Curiass, I have, for a long time now, wanted to suggest a item for Swordbreaker to build into) .


2. Spell Buffer


Observed Issue: Something that has been designated a issue in Aeon of Storms is how quickly everything dies. I believe that powerful AoE abilities are part of the issue. Currently, Lord Zhyrkan is the only one that heavily counters mass AoE with his Ultimate ability (and is one of the reasons, along with his massive speed and Debuff Immunity that he is considered overpowered). Simply getting Spell Buffer to boost the Spell Resistance of allies has limited results, particularly with a item like Kura's Deathmask, that steals Spell Resist.


Suggested Active: Return Spell Buffer's old Active of providing shields (scaled properly in respect to the current meta). This would provide 2 benefits, along with making support items more involved. There would be a item available to directly counter powerful AoE, and simply the existence of the item itself would be a "soft nerf" to Lord Zhyrkan, in that he would no longer have a monopoly over the ability to counter AoE (of course, he can get Spell Buffer himself, but being stronger at it =/= being the only one able to do it).


As for Korhal Vanguard....I do not have any bright ideas for it.

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There are already enough active support items. Sword Breaker, Taser + its upgrade, Lockbox, the pink crystal whose name I can never remember, eternal drive, even stun knife to an extent. It's just that the passive items don't take any skill, and give overpowered amounts of bonuses.... if you nerf the numbers, and buff a few other support items, you'll see active support items return to the meta.

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