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Vorpal rework suggestion


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I felt not good about having a hero balanced with 1 broken skill(JAV) and 2 useless skill(W,R)




Vorpal starts with a item 'Way of Wizard' which will vanish after 1 min or after you activate it. When activated, Vorpal turns into int caster


*Basic stats are same








Heroic Passive-unchanged



[Q]-Inverse Surge

Surge towards the target point dealing spell dmg to enemies in his path. Vorpal pulls nearby unit towards the initial location of Inverse Surge.


Spell Damage: 80/ 140/ 200/ 260 (+80% INT)

Energy Cost: - 2 spheres

Cooldown: - 15 seconds

Range: 10




Slows the movement speed of nearby enemies with respect to the distance. Also, vorpal's every skill slows the movement speed of damaged enemies by 30%. Each time you level up this skill, the regen cycle of your sphere is reduced by 2 seconds.


Nearby Slow: 10% between 7/ 8/ 9/ 10 and 1.5/ 2/ 2.5/ 3 unit radius, 40% in 1.5/ 2/ 2.5/ 3 unit radius.



[E]-Vorpal Javelin

Deals physical dmg and snares enemy for .5 seconds on impact. Also procs on hit effects and can hold 5 charges. 1.5 seconds internal cooldown. You gain additional 1 sphere if you kill any unit with this skill.


Physical Damage: 75/ 100/ 125/ 150 (+50% Weapon Damage)

Energy Cost: 1 sphere

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Range: 9.5



[R](Passive and Active)-Overgrowth

Each time you level up this skill, you gain +0.5 auto attack range, +1 Inverse Surge range, +1 bigger radius range of Antimatter, +0.5 smaller radius range of Antimatter, +0.5 Javelin range.


When activated, creeps, towers and light units will no longer be able to target or attack you and your skills will ignore them for some duration. Also grants yourself +10% movement speed


Duration: 6/ 8/ 10 seconds

Energy Cost: 3 sphere

Cooldown: 30/ 25/ 20 seconds







WIZARD VORPAL(int caster)



Heroic Passive-unchanged



[Q] - Dark Surge-unchanged



[W](Passive)- Dark Matter

Whenever Vorpal uses a skill, he will become untargetable and invulnerabe for 0.5 seconds and grants yourself additional int for 3 seconds. If the skill is channeling, the effect begins after it's done.


Bonus Int: 30/ 35/ 40/ 45 (+10% INT)

Cooldown: 9/ 8/ 7/ 6 seconds



[E](Channel)- Inverse Javelin

(20% slower projectile compared to Javelin on default vorpal) Deals spell dmg and links with the target. The linked target will get silenced. Vorpal will get dragged into the target. Also procs on hit effects and can hold 3 charges. 2 seconds internal cooldown. Channel ends after you fully dragged into target or miss javelin. You cannot cancel channeling


Spell Damage: 100/ 130/ 160/ 190 (+50% INT)

Range: 10.5/ 11/ 11.5/ 12

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Energy Cost: 2 sphere



[R](Channel)- Toxic Nebulae

Create a toxic nebulae around you which deals spell damage per seconds. You gain spell and physical resistant and bonus movement speed with respect to the number of enemy heroic units inside the nebulae. Also Your regen cycle of sphere will be reduced by a third during the time. You can cancel the channel by pressing 'R'.


Spell Damage Per Second: 70 / 100/ 130 (+25% INT)

Bonus Spell/ Physical Resistant:

1 enemy: 2/ 3/ 4%

2 enemies: 5/ 7/ 9%

3 enemies: 9/ 12/ 15%

4 enemies: 14/ 18/ 22%

5 enemies: 20/ 25/ 30%

Bonus Movement Speed:

1 enemy: 10/ 12/ 14%

2 enemies: 13/ 15/ 17%

3 enemies: 16/ 18/ 20%

4 enemies: 19/ 21/ 23%

5 enemies: 22/ 24/ 26%

Duration: 10/ 13/ 16 seconds

Range: 5/ 6/ 7

Cooldown: 180/ 140/ 100 seconds

Energy Cost: 2 sphere


(Here, channel is like cain's ult. You can move around. Cooldown doesn't count until channel's over)




I am open to feedbacks


P.S. Ty Quistmann, Your database was damn good <3

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I also agree that the skillset of vorpal is a bit strange, if you go build 1) Skill X & Y becomes useless, if you go build 2) Z is useless. etc. However the skills are still strong alone to make the hero balanced.



Vorpal also has the unique ability to lane against super strong kill lanes like tosh + akasha without getting zoned out or feeding which is one of the main reasons to pick him.


I'm not gonna lie, I do like the fact that you can build him both aura mule, burst -> dps and int caster. And that each build is more or less viable/situational depending on how the draft looks.


That being said, I'd like to see more heroes that are situational to pick when drafting, because a lot of the heros picked when drafting are just picked because they are always good, vorpal isn't one of them.

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I feel like INT Vorpal is completely viable with all active skills, since Javelin procs on hit effects, which means you can use like Cerebros+Star's Fury or something >_>

AA vorpal's too good not to build lol

you will throw off all those early game advantage with revolver + 125% weapon scaling per hit from jav.

And if you're building cerebros+stars fury, your ult and Q damage is still useless. Then, what's the difference from AA vorpal? It's just building less damage with more expensive items

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Cerebros and Star's Fury deal Spell Damage and scale off of INT....what's so hard to understand about that? So something that could work would maybe be like:


Yamato Reactor

Gravity Edge

Nitrogen Retrofit

Argus Crystal


Star's Fury


Is that so hard to understand? Never said it was better...just that it seems viable.

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