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Decrease the Duration of each Match and Increase Game Speed


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I think AOS would be funniest if some features are changed to increase the game speed and decrease the game duration.




1. Towers susceptible to ability damage(spell damage, ability damage).


2. Decrease the HP on "Creeps" and increment the incoming money when you kill one.


3. Adding an additional ability to each hero to make available the "RUN MODE", that will allow each hero after a few seconds(4 or 5) increase his movement speed by 100 percent or more. The "RUN MODE" will be unactivated when the hero deals damage or recive damage or when he get affected by some ability.


4. Increase incoming money when you kill Aeon or Levi.


5. Increase incoming money when you get a hero kill.

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The game speed is all the way up already, the games would move faster in rel time if game speed was reduced a bit as it would decrease the massive amount of end game lag experienced in aos, I lie the idea of towers taking spell damage, because right now carrie are much better pushers then casters, even though most aoe casters are supposed to excel in that role

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I don't want increase the game speed, i think we should try the suggestions i wrote up.

About towers taking spell damage, i have been playing Heroes of the Storms, and some of my ideas are from there, towers taking ability damage, "RUN MODE", this ideas works pretty nice there so i think the AOS developers should give it a chance and if this doesn't work just undo the changes and all happy. But is just an idea trying to make this game better.

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