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Note: if i mispelled the name please let me know


Unit base lanassa dt

Portrait lanassa dt

Voice Razsagal? If not in sc2 reg dt

Base hp: 270

Base weapon damage: 35

Base stats

STR: 27 + 3

AGI: 32 + 8

INT: 30 + 4



Hp- mark of vengeance dealing ability damage to a heroic unit applies mark of vengeance whenever razsagal deals damage to a marked unti she reduces all of her cds by 1 second dissipates after not taking damage from raszagal for 5 seconds, units under the effect do not go invisible, other effects from the invis still apply


Q- cleave spins dealing 75/150/225/300 + 100% weapon damage in a 2 unit aoe 16/14/12/10 second cd costs 50/75/100/125 energy


W- force pulse unleashes a 3 unit long 90 degree cone of force dealing 50/100/150/200 plus 50% int knocksback units damaged by 2 unitsdeals 20/30/40/50% bonus damage per force pulse that has impacted in the last 20 seconds 20/18/16/14 second cd costs 100/125/150/175 energy


E- void phantoms teleport to target heroic unit, and spawn 2 illusions, razsagal and the illusions are placed randomly 120 degrees apart 6 unit cast range, illusions cast all basic spells the same as raszagal but deal only 10/20/30/40% of the regular damage 30 second cd costs 125/150/175/200 the illusions die after 5 seconds or after taking 50/100/150/200 + 100% int damage


R- assasinate after channeling for one second deal 300/500/700 plus 100% weapon damage and 100% int physical damage with 100% penetration if the target is below 50% this spell deals an additional 50% damage, applies all on hit affects if the target is killed by this spell the cd is reduced by 25/50/75%, 120 cd costs 200/250/300 energy 8 cast range


The cd and energy cost and channel time can all go up if needed to balance


Good items:

Shm 5 seconds cdr every second when you are engaged with the entire enemy team and land your cleave

Bhm for massive burst

Cerebro addresses energy problems and gives more burst

Sliptide scythe spell resist and more damage for ulti

Khali, ulti can crit after all

Cauterizer excellent 1v1 item

Galactic excellent 1v1 item

Naix heals and more damage

Stars fury, if you are going for an int build


This hero should have 3 viable builds, pure aa, hybrid, pure int

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