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Base stats

Base hp: 250

Base weapon damage: 30

Aa range: 5.5

Aa animation: sentry beam

STR: 20 + 4

AGI: 25 + 5

INT: 32 + 6

Unit base: dark sentry

Portrait: dark sentry

Role: support debuffer, can be built for massive damage, very squishy either way


Hp- disruption beam whenever an enemy is damaged by gatekeepers aa they are disrupted for one second (disrupted units skills do not cooldown until the debuff ends) subsequent attacks refresh the debuff


Q- time warp creates a bubble of slow time 4 units wide for 5 seconds, all enemies inside of it are slowed by 20/30/40/50% and take 20/40/60/80 + 15% int spell damage per second costs 75/90/105/120 energy 15 second cd


W- hallucination creates 2/3/4/5 illusionary copies of gatekeeper each one deals only 10% aa damage and mimes casting spells but doesn't actually, takes the same amount of damage as sentry, dissipates after taking 150/200/250/300 plus 100% int damage, places gatekeeper and copies equidistant along the edges of a 3 unit aoe within 5 range, location of gatekeeper is randomized illusions last 10 seconds, 30/25/20/15 second cd costs 100/125/150/175 energy


E- void phantom whenever a unit takes spell damage from gatekeeper they have a 20/30/40/50% chance to be feared for .5/.75/1/1.25 seconds cannot occur more then once every 5 seconds


R- stasis field gatekeeper creates a glyph inder the feet of every enemy hero on the map, after ine second the glyph explodes creating a forcefield 2 units in diamter dealing 100/200/300 + 100% int and stunning for 2 seconds all units hit, the damage stacks, the stun does not. 120/110/100 second cd, costs 150/200/250 energy

The warning glyph is the crest of whatever side gatekeeper is on


If you can get the entire enemy team nice and clumped you might be able to oneshot all of them

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HP: I like it, though it might be a bit OP. Maybe make it last for 0.5 seconds, so you cannot keep it permanently on unless you are building attack speed? . Q: need to say how big that bubble is. W: fakes should take more damage than he does, since presumably you can't tell which is which. E: don't like the random factor. Maybe something like every 6/5/4/3 attacks, his attack makes the next target be feared for 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8 seconds (the duration is too long for a passive ability). R: holy crap man, no. A global every hero is damaged spell is one thing. But stunning everyone for 2 seconds is just stupid op. It would be op if it dealt no damage. The CC portion has to be massively nerfed. Maybe buff the damage and remove like 1.5 seconds of stun from it?

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The only way to tell which are illusions is by killing them 2 aas should kil any one of them, if its from an adc one, the ulti is inspired by diablos from hots, and yes it is slighlty stronger but its on a longer cd and doesn't hit as hard, i am willing to nerf it a bit but the idea is this hero can oneshot people if they clump together too much, i though i said the bubble was 3 units in radius, maybe i didn't if i ddint i'll go and fix it

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