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Balance Debate Rules


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This section is for you to present your argument on the balance of AoS. If you feel strongly about a feature that deserves attention from the developers and have done your research in any pre-existing threads, exploring the subject thoroughly in-game, post here and make sure to leave no detail unmentioned.



Balance Debates Rules


1) Stay Focused: Keep the topic focused on the subject so that the thread maintains its clarity as it continues to grow. Threads that cover too many subjects will be closed.


2) Proper Thread Name: The title of your thread is required to be relevant & appropriate. Thread Titles with all caps are likely to be locked.


3) Good Manners: Do not resort to attacking the poster to discredit his opinion, either regarding his personal level of skill, sexual preferences, etc. Just don't be a jerk.


4) No Spam/Fragment Posts: Posting fragments of sentences that are off-topic, or contribute nothing to the subject (e.g. +1 posts, QFT posts, peanut gallery comments) will be deleted without notification and may result in limiting your forum privileges. Use the "Like" button if you want to show your approval.

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