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League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational "MSI"


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Im hopeful TSM will win the whole thing but SKT is looking strong. Im more interested in seeing how EU does. Im of the opinion they have the most to prove.


But honestly I think any team can win this event. Who knows maybe that Turkey team will clean house.

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TSM got shap on. lol


I think this shows EU>NA everywhere


It was a brilliant game from Fanatic. But I still think TSM is the better team. TSM just gave the game to Fanatic on a silver platter for some reason. I mean bad decision after bad decision. My biggest WTF from this game is Santorim. Picks Reksai so Fanatic cant get it but just plays the champ 100% wrong. He is now 0-3 on that champion. He never does well with it. And once more he competently ignores Dryus in top. To power clear? I mean that Cass/ Huni was pushed so far in lane. They could of killed Cass easily. TSM tried to play someone else style of game and left theirs at home. Reksai over Sejuani ????


Im confused on why they did not take the lane swap also. They didn't even try. They picked 2 horrible lanes and stayed with those lanes with zero jungle support. Nautilus Urgod wins vs Sivir Thresh. Cass wins vs Gnar.


They just threw it away. This was not the TSM I expected.


I still think they will get there shap together and make a strong showing. I expect TSM to place in top 3. I still think they can take the tourney. They just need to play their game.

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Day 1 RIP TSM :*(


Better luck tomorrow.


No excuses TSM played like shap today. I really hope they get there stuff together. Its disappointing to seem them choke like this. They have a lot of experience on the stage.


AHQ impressed me tho. 2-1 and they made a strong showing vs EDG





TSM is still my team followed by Fanatic.

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Dislike how Sivir is in every flobing game as either a pick or ban....... makes the game 10x more boring, because you can't see epic thresh hook early game catches, or the like, while later on, Sivir always stays with the team, and never tries to make 1v1 plays. Why can't we ever get a Vayne or some other actual carry? Ashe rework sounds great except she is still never going to get picked in high level play.

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Just watched TSM vs SKT. LEL...... Wolf's Alistar was so good, MVP of that game, protected the adc in all the early ganks, Thresh lantern + flash into instant 3v2 should have destroyed Urgot but didn't. Also, the flob is wrong with Dyrus? L2P with something other than Lulu (which is really just a support champ......) or Maoki. Don't extend so far if you have no flash......... TSM would have done better if they replaced him with a Riven-only Silver player....

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I just looked up TSM.


So the NA flagship of Team SoloMid is being carried by not one, but TWO Danish heroes? They are even on the two playmaking roles, no less.


Bjergsen best mid NA and Santorin best jungler NA. Danish takeover.



Sivir is just a super safe and a "support adc" its just a good pick in the tank meta. Letting the tanks run in faster.




Honestly never paid close enough attention.


If its a legitimate mistake I am baffled. I don't know if you followed any other game than LoL, but Fnatic has existed as an organization for what, a decade? And has always been "Fnatic". Most notably Counter-Strike, they've also ventured in SC2, DotA, DotA 2, WoW, and God knows what else.

Just odd you've never picked up on their name? Seems rather suspicious. More than likely, it is your own little way of sticking it to the EU man!!

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