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Racecar Ling


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Ok, so this guide is my first attempt, I don't play ling much, but I find this build absolutely hilarious.




Might bonus damage = yay

Fury more aa speed for more damage

Bloodlust everyone loves sustain

Veteran(optional now that its no longer an extra level) ling really benefits from getting his basic skills maxed out asap



Fitness(optional) moar surviveability



Prodigy cdr = more harass early game

Brilliance the regen is really nice

Swiftness this is a racecar build after all

Wealth this lets you start with a khala stone which hugely increases your sustain


Skill build

e, q, e, w, e, r, e, w, w, w, r, q, q, q, y, r, y, y


The e should be maxed for good ranged damagein lane and better kill potnetial when ganking

The w should be maxed immediately after due to its massive damage bonus stacking with everything



Start with khala stone, ruxh BHM getting the revolver first, then rush HoM for more ms as, cdr, and regen, after that get naix claw so you can pop it and your w to full heal off a single aa(tested it before, it works but you might need galactics bonus aa damage for it to really work), build galactic for the unique as well as spell resist, the active is a nice added benefit that can keep you alive, then get sliptide for bonus on hit damage, since almost all of your damage is applied rough aa's and the item is all around good, plus it gives more ms, then after you get this far which i never have in a game you could get phantom menacefor some cloaking shenanigans or contam shard for more hp, they both offer ms.


Lets look at what items provide ms

HoM timescale better ms

Galactic timescale when your low lots of better ms

Sliptide lots of ms

Phantom/contam some ms when out of combat


Then of course yiou press r and sprint all the way across the map in a few seconds


Let me know if i should format future guides differently and if I should do more serious builds or funny theme builds like this one


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