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AoS Tournament 1.0


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Tournament Winners also will be awarded In-Game COLORED name.

However, In-Game Ranks will be All Stars League exclusive.


Prizes will be sent Via Paypal to Team Captain(s) only. It is up to Team Captain(s) to distribute to his/her team members.


Details shamelessly copied from All Stars League.


DAYS AND TIMES that games should be played:



-Games will played always on Saturday or Sunday 3PM EST to 4PM EST

-It is up to Captains to agree to play it on Saturday or Sunday. If no mutual agreement was made, then the default day to show up is Sunday at the same time.

-This tournament will be within 3 week span. (3 Weekends)









Tournament format




The league will be single elimination. Best of 3 games.

Bracket will be randomly generated.





Team Construction;




Team Costruction:


Teams MUST consist of a minimum of 5 players, and maximum of 10 players, however 6+ players is recommended in order to maximize the odds that 5 players will show up for your matches.





Drafting Rules, Autobans and NA vs EU servers


*Usage of any character skin which alters the ability will be prohibited. (Eg. Kerrigan Skin)

The Default Game will be a DRAFT to determine Teams :


Only Captains will make the calls for picking and banning. Once each team's 5 heroes have been chosen, players can then choose which of those 5 heroes they wish to play. The ban and pick procedure is:


[Team 1] ; (Team 2)


1st Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) {1-1-1-1-1-1}

2nd Stage -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-2-2-1}

3rd Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-1; 1-1-1-1}

*Picks are unique.


We think this draft system feels more fair and competitive if you learn what Heroes your opponents plan to play. This also allows you to counter-pick and develop necessary synergy.


Additional Modes:


If BOTH team captains agree you may institute:


1) Autobans (Banning heroes BEFORE the draft begins)

2) A 3G Ban Game instead of a Draft (just stage 1 above, followed by free picking of heroes (does not have to be unique))


Remember if both teams do not agree to these rules, the default rules of draft mode with no autobans will be played. You must keep (+1 pusher per team) if none heroes has been agreed for auto bans.




If Teams are located primarily on different servers, matches between two specific teams will be split to be played on NA server / EU server.

Still you will play at home (PROTOSS TEAM) and the second game as AWAY (Zerg team)


Example: Clique (NA) faces Jamos (EU).

1) You can play Rock, Scissors, Paper to decide which server you will play first in case of any disagreement.

2) Clique Won RSP so the first game will be where Clique decides.

3) If it has been decided to be play on EU, Jamos will host the game and will get PROTOSS side also during the draft will get first pick(hero).

4) The next game will be played after this one on NA, Clique will host it.





Disconnection, Team Substitutions and Forfeit Rules




What to do if a player Disconnects?

If a player disconnects in the first 15 minutes of the game - that game will be restarted, The team with the player that has been disconnect has the choice to sub this player to continue your match, in case the player seems to be have problems to get online.

If a player disconnects after the first 15 minutes of the game, please wait 4 minutes for them to reconnect. If they do not reconnect, continue playing the game after the player is dropped. In this case a leaver bonus in the game occurs for the team with 4 players. The team of 5 may consider purposely having one of their players leave to even out this bonus. This should be stated, and can only be done after a player legitimately drops. Purposely dropping players to obtain a leaver bonus (when the other team has not already had a player disconnect) will be considered cheating, and result in removal of that team from the league or an arbitrary reduction in rank as punishment


What if your team screws up and picks a "banned" hero?

This "mistake" will only be allowed once. The draft will NOT be redone, the game will be remade with the original draft, players will then select the correct heroes. If a team makes this mistake 2 times, they will forfeit the match.


What if the other team does not show at the requested time?

There will be 15 minute grace period before a forfeit is counted. I.E. A game scheduled at 5pm, by 5:15 a no-show will result in a forfeit. Or in this case Times will be set up with 2 or 3 hours between to be played.

Games must start between this times, otherwise will be auto forfeit.


To Further Clarify these rules, I have made the following additions:

You MUST have 3 members of your team present by 5:15 pm. At this point an additional 5 minutes will be granted to find acceptable substitutes for the game. If the other team is sure about getting the others subs in time, You can start drafting heroes to dont lose much time sitting in lobby.


If you have less than 3 clan members / team members, forfeit will be automatic no matter if there are enough (non-team) subs present. (I.E. your team cannot be made of mostly subs).


Rules about Substitutes:


All members must be registered BEFORE the start of the tournament. They must be listed in the registered players category to play. Generally no substitutes will be allowed anymore due to the nature of so many good substitute players available.





Organizers and Moderators



[skyNA]Iscariot (NA)

Looking for volunteers for (EU)











-Games will played always on Saturday or Sunday 3PM EST to, by latest, 4PM EST, unless agreed upon on a set time.

-It is up to Captains to agree to play it on Saturday or Sunday. If no mutual agreement was made, then the default day to show up is Sunday at 4PM EST.

-This tournament will be within 3 week span. (3 Weekends)


Brackets were created randomly.

Week 1 (Round of 8+)

23rd - 24th May


Week 2 (Semi-Finals)

30th - 31st May


Week 3 (Finals & Bronze Match)

6th -7th June





If the team is more than 15 Minutes late for their match, and cannot find ELIGIBLE substitutes, they will forfeit the match.


((EST = UTC-5))(UTC=GMT)







Detailed Results:









Registered Teams



Teams: (Will be updated as members are added)

I urge you to make sure you to have a full squad ready before registering due to limited spots that are available.


DarkS: GuZ(Captain), Sylar, Spooky, Kael, illu, Aiur, John, Zombieee, Luckiest

eZwins: RiDz (Captain), DoubleG, Switzerland, Fighter, Notoogien, Bulbizzare, Putin, Lexx

Russian Mafia: Zeratul(Captain), Maxwell, Marshall, ArmaDrake, Duke, Schlossherr, gghacker

IRIPI: Captain: Badakor(Captain), Apophis, Enra, Invoker, Darkterror, Dragoneye, rustinpieces, JustSAfrican, PurePsycho, Francuz

Niger Airlines: Skydie(Captain), Cruisers, IAMURFATHER, Zakk

Team TPAX: HUCCI(Captain), ARTELEON, Vad, Detoxian, renovacia, shadowAngel, FataMorgana, Sloer, Paradox




Team Mobile Sentry Ward: Whale(Captain), Revision, SCV, Destroyer, Quistmann, Dresden, Speedoguy

Clique: Strider(Captain), AtomiK, Sphynx, Zeddicus, Griffin, Taznkid, SubZero, Kane, DutchOvenPro, soedenone

Team NotNA: Drex(Captain), Ryuuk, FeedChan, Highdrater, Roonaldo, Syrus, PyschoMantis, Flatline, AreS

Team HFP: Apache(Captain), Terminator, PaulAllen, Marc, DoublePerkin, gnarT, Hybrid, Lolita, Isochronic, Aeren




Players who would like to have a team to participate in the league:




















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Because people are awful at dealing with them and rather than getting good they ignore em


Well I remember being one of the guys pioneering the mass-pusher shap (at least in EU) and the problem was that it was nigh-impossible to deal with. Even if enemy team had typical counterpushers like cow/null/kerrigan(when boomerang still had a lot of basedamage) and shapt. The pushes occured too early (from like level 5) and kept coming too fast. You just gather your whole team in one lane, extremely early in the game, and then push the flob out of it. Enemy team can't even have splitpushers, because the pusher lineup is able to go highground very, very easily if whole enemy team doesn't gather to attempt to repel.


If towers didn't give xp, I think the strategy would be a lot less viable. As it stands, towers give a significant portion - so even if you 5man push you don't fall behind in xp or farm(in fact you get ahead on all 5 heroes), establish free and total map control/domination and take bosses for free.


Then the pusher teams ports base, buys all their shap and goes to end the game.



Good idea with the tourney. I might join if Brew makes a team.

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Add DarKS for sure ;) I will let you know the roaster soon.

I wanna play, senpai. I promise not to dissapoint you, sensei. Srs

Also, I am a totally fair ref that does not spam. Lol. Ok, I can ref the games.

Edited by Darkr
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First of all, I guess eZwins is Eu not Na.

And you can count me in as Streamer (Mostly for our teams Matches, Im Duke or Codiac, and play for Moscow Mafia)


Im not sure about the teams of Na but i guess there will be a lot more Eu teams than Na teams who like to participate at this Tournament. So maybe give them spots, instead of waiting for Na teams :)

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