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Starscream changes


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I feel like the current way SS's flight mode works is bizarre and annoying, there are also a few others things that I don't like about him currently


My suggestions

Hp {E} toggle flight, in land mode ss gains 10/15/20/25% physical resist and in flight mode SS gets 10/15/20/25% ms, but has 5% lower base ms and armor would still have terrain no clip no aa but tac strike energy cost is reduced by 50% while flying, scales with levels in ulti


Flight mode changes


W- now a dash instead of the weird ms boost maybe something like 6/8/10/12 units?


E- scanners, passively gain 2/3/4/5 vision range while in flight mode, also gain immunity to vision reduction


Ground mode


E- repair drones outside of combat regen .5/1/1.5/2% of your max hp per second


Mode independent changes


R- bombing run dashes 8/10/12 units and then returns to starting location, dropping a bomb every 2 units, bombs deal 50/100/150 plus 50% int in a 1.5 unit aoe, 3 charges 20 second charge cd medium energy cost, would use the archangel bombardment animation


All numbers are general, so feel free to suggest tweaks

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The strange part is his ult scaling with int...

same as vorpal

like 1 skill being particularly so strong(vorpal jav and starscream Q) and rests being bad doesn't make sense..

I've kinda learned to live with it. Q does so much damage that all you have to do is chase them down with R afterwards.
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Part of why I think flight is bizarre and arbitraily balanced is because they went to all the trouble of making unique skillsets for each mode but made it so you can only fly sometimes, flight mode isn't always better. I feel like right now starscream has ossified, all of his builds required standard aa damage items and old e saber, now there are no good energy items for him, and the suggested changes would let you play him hybrid, aa dps, spell dps, or tank

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I still don't understand why people used to buy e saber on boros, hes bad at stacking it up and hes low base energy so it didn't give him much damage

It's for the Mace Windu build that someone (I think Doom) introduced a while back. Energy Saber + Atom Smasher = Purple Light Saber Mace Windu build.


As for me, of course I don't finish Energy Saber, I just grab Kinetic Cell, then sell it once by Base Energy without it is around 1000, kind of the way you would work with Ihan on caster heroes. It really helps you avoid those moments when you Bola but do not have enough energy for Ult.

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