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Its been a while since I have made a guide....


Well If you read the title, you can see that this is gonna be an Anthrax guide. If you don't know, he is the corrupter dude




Might Fitness Youth

Cunning Integrity Swiftness



These are my usual talents for most casters, save the undying talent. Now you may ask, "Well if you are playing an ability driven hero, why take the undying talent over the CDR one??" Well I will tell you. If you didn't read the title of the guide, "ALLHU ACKBAR!" then you could probably guess you are going to be doing alot of dying. This talent helps with that. The other talents are self explanatory. Might is just to help with last hits.




>Durans pendant

A very good item to start most casters with, as it helps sustain your mana during the laneing phase, and can help harass the enemy hero by stealing bits of their energy.


>Stars Fury

Since the changes to powerstrike items, they now offer a base damage as well as their scaling. Stars Fury now has a base damage of 125 (+75% INT). This item will help with your burst, as well as its unique acting as sort of a buffed Duran's pendant.



Same story as Stars fury. Burst = good. Mana sustain is a bonus.


>Yamato Reactor

Adds to your burst damage, and gives a nice cooldown reduction bonus.


>Gravity and Argus

Pretty much self explanatory. Good caster items.


>Warp shard

If you haven't noticed the trend so far, we are building extremely squishy. This will help us get out of sticky situations, or secure a kill.



So pretty much you just use your ult on someone (preferably a squishy hero), causing them to take an additional 20% extra damage, use stars and cerebro with your abilities to do more dmg, and then kill them. Most of the time you end up dying in the process, so make sure you type "ALLHU ACKBAR!" in the 'all' chat before you ult.

Anthrax can also splitpush very well. Simply ult into a lane where no one is, and use your Q to mow down creep waves. Terrorist puns aside, destroying towers is a snap!


Well I hope you enjoyed my suicide bomber-esque Anthrax guide!

Next up I'm gonna update my Leo guide, and perhaps make a shade guide.


---- Fatman (cLaw)

ayy lmao

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