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The EU Community in a sound file - ft JustSA


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Looking through my old backup files and found this gem. Pretty much everything in here, has been repeated over the past 3 years in a IH every week.


Link: http://vocaroo.com/i/s12wNLjiBflx


SA:"Get back, everybody get back"

SA:"We've got no tanks because all our tanks went DPS"

SA:"Is anyone building a spell buffer?"

SA:"You guys are bunch of idiots, learn to fking play"

Snacky:"I was supposed to be a tank or what?"


Spanish players:"Random Spanish"

SA:"Where is our team for fuks sake?"

Spanish players:"Random Spanish"

SA:"Never again will I be on these shapheads teams"


SA: "LZ is sh!t he is level 9, I don't even know why he plays"

Snacky:"You are fking nub African, shut up please"

SA:"Good you must learn, you are fking nub"

SA:"You are fking useless"

Snacky:"Noob noob noob, you feed at fking everything, don't feed next time"

SA:"Lets look at the scores over here, you're 0-4"

Snacky:"No, African you're fking noob African, not my problem man"

Snacky:"Next time don't feed"

SA:"Cool; cool, cool"

Snacky:"We pick one tank, we ulti this tank"

Snacky:"Jackson is sh!t I tell you, how long is sh!t. You pro, you think pro, you fking noob.


Diipa (RIP): "Good game guys, I one shot your Toxi with Ghost".

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Hahahhaha I remember snacky!! SUBNORMAL!! African stop feeding 1 - 7 nova! Hahahahhaha.


And the cute voice is from a kid I don't remember very well his nickname!! and we use to put PAlly from NA and him as captain!! If someone has audio of it!! You will hear two chicks captains! Xaxaxax a a

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its uncle and son playing actually if i heard correctly he said tio which is uncle and he sounds about the age assuming the uncle is like 24ish the nephew would be like 11?


Make sense, the Spanish people where Snacky/Aresdragon. At one point I think Snacky was known as El Grande (Guz might know because they where in his clan).



Pally was a dude? Just like Zeddicus/Zeta I guess. I met AresDragon last year and he said he was 15, so in this recording he was ~13.

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