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New Team Item For Support Role Heroes


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So this is only an idea right now but I think it would add an interesting dynamic to the game depending on what kind of heroes are added to the game in the near future.


Item name: Panic Attack - 3600



350 Hp

12 Armor

12 Spell Armor

15% CD Reduction


Unique: [Panic] For every enemy hero within a 10u radius of your hero you panic and lose 15% weapon and spell damage but the extra adrenaline gives you 10% Timescale . Enemy heroes cannot count more than once to the global amount of panic.


This item would clearly work only with characters that are able to provide just support and still be helpful in team fights... which are not many right now. It would be an item that would work well with support type characters though as the more enemy characters that come around you the less damage output you are able to produce but the more help you may be to your team by having your timescale skyrocket.


In a team fight with all players involved you would loose a massive 75% of your damage output but gain a massive 50% timescale boost that would make you able to cast heals/buffs like crazy.


In addition, the item will not drastically effect your ability to farm as the unique will only have minimal effect on your damage output as long as you are not surrounded by enemy heroes.


I call this a team item because it would not make sense to have it on more than one character and the nature of the item would assume that you are using it to enhance your ability to aid your team.


What do you guys think?

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