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[Database] Queen.Imperius


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Name: Queen.Imperius

Type: - Pusher/Support


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 571

Movement Speed – 3.34

Attack Range – 5.5

Attack Speed – 1.9

Starting Damage – 59

Base Armor.Resist – 10.6%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 21.7%

Strength – 32 + [6]

Agility – 32 + [3]

Intelligence – 36 + [6]***




Heroic Active [bioMass]


"Passive: Queens abilities consume Biomass instead of Energy. Queen begins with a cap of 100 Biomass and regenerates (2.5% Maximum Biomass) per second.


Active: Nearby units have a 50% chance of dropping Biomass samples upon death. which Queen make pick up by walking over or by targeting them with [V] to permanently increase her Biomass cap up to 300"




[Q] - Baneling Strike


"Spawns 1 Baneling per 5 Biomass consumed in an area around Queen. Banelings will home in on the target unit dealing, each dealing 15/30/45/60(+10%Int) spell dmg in a 3 unit area on death. Deals 50% dmg to structures "


Energy Cost: - 25(+25% Current Biomass)

Cooldown: - 18/16/14/12 seconds

Range: - 14ish




[W] - Transfuse


"Heal a target ally for 10/60/110/160(+2.5*Biomass consumed)(+25%Int) health. Allies near the target are healed for half that amount."


Energy Cost: - 35(+35% Current Biomass)

Cooldown: - 16 seconds

Range: - 5ish





[E] - Creep Colony


"Queen lays a Creep Tumor that spreads creep in a 10 unit radius and gives vision in a 4 unit radius. Queen and her minions gain 25% Movement speed while on creep. Queen can have a maximum of 2/3/4/5 Creep tumors on the map."


Energy Cost: - 30 Biomass

Cooldown: - 60/45/30/15 seconds

Range: - 1-2





[R] - Tyrant Ultralisk

"Commands Timmy the Ultralisk to charge forth. Timmy tunnels to the target point knocking up enemies in his way for 1.5 seconds. Timmy has 600/1200/1800(+10*Biomass Consumed) health, deals 80/160/240(+.6*Biomass Consumed) Physical dmg per attack, lasts for 30 seconds, and has the following special features. +65 dmg vrs structures/+25% Movement Speed/+50% Dmg resist


Once summoned Timmy can be told who to attack or where to go by Pressing [R] and selecting a target unit or location."


Energy Cost: - 40(40% Current Biomass)

Cooldown: - 120 seconds

Range: - 14ish

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