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LF Casuals to play HotS with


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Hey soedenone,


i have Heroes of the Storm on the EU server.!


GG and Party


Add me then, boyo soedenone#2373 =)


Look to the germans. I got a key from invoker and have been meaning to give it a go for an afternoon :p


I was in the early tech alpha, just never played it, really.


I think the time has come for me to embrace my own casualness, however, so I might aswell.

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Oh I didn't know that. I hope after the game is released, we can switch regions like current Starcraft II.


I got the game we played yesterday uploaded if any other people are interested!


These were the players in the In House:


Brightwing - EterNity

Zeratul - Pride (Whale)

Rehgar - Michael (Commander)

Malfurion - BouncyBear (DavidChan)

Malfurion - Huggle (Questman)

Valla - Machi (Machi)

E.T.C - Pinkie

Nova - Aellectris

Diable - NoVaKC (AKA The Hard Computer)

Jaina - llllllll (Boss)


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