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[Database] Balrog.Brutalizer


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Name: Balrog.Brutalizer

Type: - Bruiser


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 678

Movement Speed – 3.29

Attack Range – 1.2

Attack Speed – 2

Starting Damage – 70

Base Armor.Resist 18.4%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 22.5%

Strength – 36 + [7]***

Agility – 28 + [5]

Intelligence – 26 + [3]




Heroic Passive [Vampirism]

"Your attacks deal bonus physical dmg equal to 4% of your missing health. Deals 1.5 times the damage to non-heroic units"




[Q] - Lunge

"Deal Physical Damage to the target enemy unit and slows the its movement speed by 50% for several seconds"


Physical Damage: 60/ 100/ 140/ 180 (+40% Weapon Damage)

Slow Duration: 2s/ 2.5s/ 3s/ 3.5s

Energy Cost: - 62/68/74/82 (idk what is up with these values but the last one should prolly be 80)

Cooldown: - 15/14/13/12 seconds

Range: ??? looks like 6ish




[W] - Sonic Screech

"Deal spell dmg to nearby enemies, remove debuffs from nearby allies, and give yourself debuff immunity for several seconds."


Spell Damage: 50/ 80/ 110/ 140 (+80%INT)

Debuff Immunity Duration: 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s

Energy Cost: - 70/80/90/100

Cooldown: - 21/18/15/12 seconds

Range: - "nearby enemies"






[E] - Vampiric Aura

"Nearby allies gain lifesteal"


Lifesteal: 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%

Energy Cost: - Passive

Cooldown: - Passive

Range: - "nearby allies"





[R] - Bloodbath

"Deal physical dmg to a target enemy. If this dmg kills the unit, Balrog gains a stack of bloodbath up to 5 stacks. Each stack increases grants bonus maximum health. Upon death Balrog loses 3 stacks of Bloodbath. Deals double dmg against non-heroic units"


Physical Damage: 250/ 400/ 550 (+150%INT)

Health per stack: 100/ 150/ 200

Energy Cost: 125/175/225

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Range: ??? looks like 3 units

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why are u so op


High values and high stats on hero.


long slow, long aoe debuff immunity (esp with no item granting that, hard to get mechanic in game)


Dmg on q and w got nerfed which helps a lot but still its 3,5 sec slow 5 sec debuff aoe immunity and 25% lifeleach aura, which being honest prop is best passive and aura in game currently (with mk aura nerfed and still rog aura was always strong in right comps). His ult is still ridic.



Previously balrog was "balanced" by having high cooldowns on skills which was buffed (i think it was good direction)


Weakness of the hero was and should be that he is just meele and being able to be kited. Also by being STR hero - having low armor values and harder to get ias which he needs to transition to right-click dmg dealer (if played as core, because sup rog is totally viable as well). With that- itemization of the hero requires getting +movespeed/mobility and cc items together with ias and armor (which is a lot)


To counter rog (not including composition) enemy team can build repositioning items (dials), cores can get road of either hp removal - pyre (which is hard currently cause of mechanic of pyre and rog - pyre starts dealing less dmg with time and rog deals more dmg with passive and lifesteal) or armor reduction (which doesnt exit in game currently? if im not mistaken, but not sure- dont misunderstand armor reduction being minus x armor and armor penetration % based which is effective vs HIGH values of armor- agi carries).


Mechanics in items or skills of some heroes that vanishes the target (like lockbox/vortex etc) can also do wonders and be saving grace


Heroes with high mobility + range / immune to slows are also effective vs balrog. (ling is sadly meele) but there is tosh which is strong hero vs balrog in right hands (still sup balrog countering tosh with W on teammates) it depends on role and timing of screech /stuns from both sides. Darpa should also counter balrog (being honest prop best one) etc etc


Still it doesnt change fact balrog will buff his entire team massivly by aura.




When you have hero that can initiate fight/engagement/gank , tank shapload of dmg (take distraction), deal shapload of dmg, buff your entire team strongly and support strongly them with utility (w) then you'll get rog. At least burst dmg was nerfed.


Normal heroes can do most of time ~2 of the points.



Knowing the mechanics of game where games are prolonged and enabled having multiple cores and having farm on them, balrog is strong pick.



You would need to either nerf stats of hero/ or nerf more dmg/health gain of his skills- or nerf cds (which i dont think its good being honest)

or nerf slow/debuff immunity duration (which would do the job better) and force balrog to have more cc more moblity- require more farm, nerf his armor


or you would need to buff other items in game that allows kiting (but it would affect other heroes)

or you would need to give items that allow debuff immunity


Or you would need to change mechanics of the game- shifting the meta not allowing multiple cores (faster/shorter games or less farm on map)






You could for example nerf slow by 0,25sec-0,5 at max lvl / Debuff immunity by 0,5 - 1 sec / aura by 5% at max lvl being 20%


I dont think 3,5 sec is op in moba. Debuff immunity is op but it is required or essential on some heroes to work (rog for example is one of them by design) or prevent some other heroes from being broken. Thing is that this debuff immunity is aoe.


Thing is also that there are low amount of strong cc heroes in aos (aos high scalling of all heroes makes it awkard). And not much debuff immunity mechanics which balrog offers.


He gives and offers your team a lot , it makes him safe pick.



Holy sheep it ended in a lot of text. lol

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Rog still is op two simple fixes for it: remove atom smashr, that item wil never be balanced ever, and double the cd on his ulti so he can't use it with absolute impunity, woth chogath his ulti has 2x the cd and does the same thing


Chogath ult is true dmg so its very different. After early game, rogs ult is only for getting stacks so if the ult cd is too long then he does once and then is complete shap the rest of the game

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