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Immortal.solidus rework


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Everyone has been trying to come up with an immortal concept that is actually decent, i decided that he should be nearly immortal


Hp- shield generators immortal has 75% of his normal max hp but also an equivalent amount of shields, shield regen 5x as fast as hp but only regen once out of combat for 3 seconds


Q- phase disruptors immortal overloads his phase disruptor causing his next 2/3/4/5 aa's to deal 50 bonus spell damage and stun the target for .5 seconds 20 second cd costs 50/75/100/125 energy


W- ion pulse silences all enemies within a 5 unit aoe for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds and burns 5/10/15/20% of their max energy dealing damage equal to 60% of that, it restores 5/10/15/20% of allies within the aoes max energy over the same amount of time 30 second cd costs 0 energy


E- hardened shields immortals shield gain resistances 1/2/3/4x his regualr resistances


R- ressurection upon taking fatal damage immortal goes into stasis for 2 seconds purging all debuffs and returns with full hp 180/120/60 second cd costs 150 energy


This hero is all about tanking, tanking some more, and tanking even more. His q gives him good kill potential if he is laning with a carry, his w is pure sustain and his e is his bread and butter skill enabling him to tank an incredible amount by qudruplaling his resist ces as long as he has shields, his r is just to make certain he is even harder to kill. His hp guarentees him 50% more health then anybody else with the same stats

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HP: so you are saying that there should be a hero that gains basically 50% HP after 3 seconds out of combat?


Q: With max weapon speed, at level 4, this is a 2.5 Second lockdown...more if you get a stun knife


W: Seems too similar to Jackson and Greelus, not to mention way stronger


E: You might want to rephrase that...so do you mean like 4x the armor numbers? because that is just....way too strong. Just consider.....like with Defensive Talents and maybe like a Contamination shard, that is easily going to get around 80-100 Armor/Spell Armor


R: 2 seconds is way too short (compare to drake ulti for example), and considering you get full HP back a 60 second cooldown is VERY short. It's basically a get out of jail free card every minute.

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Considering zera gets a get out of jail free card and this guy is a tank is fine, wraith king in dota has tsme ulti and hes a carry, and his slows ebemies. The hp is designed to make him really tanky and so is the e, and given the amount of penetration in the game its not op as it doesn't even force pen, whereas bio who is peobably never getting nerfed forces an explosive on every aa hero on the other team


Howishis w similar to jackson, in that its an aoe silence? Thats on very thin ice, and greelus has an energy drain not an energy burn, actualy know your heroes before younspam stuff like oh this spell is similar to that spell. Then why don't you complain about how most aa heroes ahve generic spells. And oh a 2.5 second stun dispersed over 5 seconds big deal, hes not the aa carry so he won't murder people

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How so? This guy is a mega tank with must enough cc to be viable early on. Late game he contributes a stun that is only good vs a single target and no matter how you build him the only way he should win a 1v1 is by out tanking the other guy, this isn't a bruiser with a mega stun knife, this is a support tank with some cc, and you are almost as bad as athame who in addition to making a horrendously imbalanced completely different hero using the same model in my thread, also responded to every hero suggestion i made with its op and then proceded to make a troll hero that uses the same model


Tldr; if you don't have anything constructive to say about the hero, don't say it


Another note: you're constant snarky oneliners are making me dislike you more and more evey time you post one, the contribute nothing at all to the conversation, if you want to post one liners do so in the 3 word bever ending story where they are appreciated

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Tazn's snarky onliner was the opposite of constructive, in this way he reminds me of athame, the guy who would make about 5 hero suggestions a day, each of them with 4 nukes no real variation amongst their skills reacted horribly to consturctive critiscism no skil sysnergy and ahted on everyone elses ideas

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I can't help that I lose patience with you as you disregard every logical argument I make and make all your balance arguments on pubs where they build crit Garamond....

A large portion (if not all) the heroes that you call "unbalanced" are actually relatively weak in In-House. Zeratul? He's almost never picked now because he is easily countered and his planar is flobbing easy to dodge among competent players, and is now more used as a "barrier" to prevent escapes once initiation has already occurred. Carries? They get bursted down by Cow or Vergil or w/e all the time.


And the INT heroes that you call underpowered are often the game changers in In-House games, like Jackson or Raynor. Heck, I've seen Unix used more than Zeratul.

All I'm asking in regards to this is to not use just pubs as your point of reference.


On a more relevant topic, if you are going to make a hero suggestion, use the current ones for reference....


Did you know that immortal was needed to the ground a long time back? It was because he could get something like over 10k shields. I'm pretty sure this is about, if not more bad...


And if you are calling my Anti-Drex Pinecone hero suggestion as stupid...you DO realize it was a troll post right? It was meant to be a joke.


Now as for me personally....do you realize how much patience I have tried to have with you? Yet you consistently insist that you are correct no matter what despite what the community may say. While others simply ignore you or have more patience than I do, I can't help that I get exasperated.


EDIT: I read your above post about Athame....you DO realize that my Anti-Drex Pinecone hero suggestion came WAAYYY before this right? Furthermore, I noticed your post on Balance Debates about Stun Knife...I agree that it's OP but necessary....yet here you are creating a hero with a in-built Stun Knife (better imo too). Hypocrisy?


By the way, a tank generally should NOT be able to win 1v1 situations. That's not a tank, that's a carry or bruiser. It's why people complain that Lord Zhyrkan is overpowered, because he's a tank that can basically solo most if not all the heroes in the game.


Also, Tanks are not suppose to be...well, tanky early game. That's just how the game works. It's as they build up as the game progresses that they get tanky. I'm not sure if you were around when it was released, but there was a item that had a ability basically identical to your Ultimate. It was removed, very, very quickly.

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