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Changelog v1.249


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Game Sys

- Added Huntress.Acral

- Symphonic Seed build and stats changed: Higgs Bosun + Miners Goggle -> Perpetual Engine + Miners Goggle. Now grants 63 Int, 250 Hp, 10% CDR -> 55 Int, 250 Hp, 20% CDR.

- Kinetic Cell Cost 1000 -> 900. Overload Unique 1 +4 En -> +6 En per spell. Overcharged Unique 2 +.5/+4 En -> .75/6 En Per AA/Spell. Overcharge Unique 3 +8 En -> +10 En per Spell.

- Base HPs standardized (350 for melee, 275 for ranged) This does not include health from Base Str.



- Fixed his abilities sometimes doing incorrect/no damage



- Q now deals 50% Bonus dmg vs Non-Heroic



- Q Range 10 -> 9



- Q Range 7 -> 6

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Who is huntress acral, if it's a new hero would you please make a database thread about it and link it, ty


It's Frayne from RoA (the hydralisk)


but yes, I wouldn't mind databases for new heroes.


Whale, could you post your item efficiency sheet?

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Huntress actually seems up, yhe ulti does nothing vs anybody with remotely decentstrength gain, unless they are literaly on one bar of hp, whichis about what the ultis base damage is anyways, a few suggestions onhow to improve it

- make the damage apply before it attempts to execute

- make the damage scale with distnce traveled

- buff the scaling by a decent amount

- increase the lvl 3 ulti base damage because it only takes off one bar against most heroes in the late game

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The only reason to auto him would be because his e counters duelists, maybe duelist heavy comps are a thing? I couldn't figure out why, after all don't inhouses see more teamfight then regular not less, and most games in pubs are decided by a single teamfight

Actually most games in pubs are decided by rage quits.
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Yes but i have discovered that with certain heroes it is possible to win as long as you are down by 2 or less people, these comps tend to have powerful pushers who can kil heroes effectively hemhem shadow hemhem. I agree acral is scary if he gets fed, (side note why is it called huntress acral yet he is used several times in the descriptor of the skills?) but he is really squishy, and a single fed caster can ruin your day, especially raynor with jis op silence

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The lobby kick ability is done by Blizzard. Maybe you should redirect your complain to Blizzard instead of blaming everything blindly on Whale.


Before, you can simply invite anyone that's either in a public channel or friend list to any lobby and they will be pending until the timer is up or they decline the invite.


It is to fix the issue where people purposely invite afk people in arcade games and make everyone wait for 3 minutes before another person can join.


Blizzard does not take Arcade serious and that's their fix to the problem that I stated above. Maybe it's time to move on to League or Doto if you want a proper lobby system with proper game instead of suffering from the horror of AoS pubs. That's the only reason why we have In Houses.

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I just wanted to say I have enjoyed Huntress.Acral.


Seems to be good in many 1v1 situations, not a lot better than other DPS in team fights. No real AOE attacks, other than the ultimate, which I try to save just as a finisher.


My only dislike is that Huntress has no good escape. If you get stuck in long lane, without a good partner you suffer. If you get out of position you can be killed pretty quick also. Although I say I 'dislike' this feature of the character, it serves to keep the character different, and not OP. So lacking escape is a good thing, in my opinion.


Anyway, thanks for the good work and the fresh characters / items. Keeps it fun!

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I've seen it where non-penders were kicked. It was just a joke between the host and the kicked but it can happen I think.

correct this is what i was referring to

i did see that blizzard allowed an option for pending people to be kicked but blizzard made no mention of this so i assumed the coding of it or option may have changed or been reset on the map regarding kicking anyone hence i directed it at whale

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