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AoS Tutorial Map


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Hello everyone.


I've noticed that AoS has started to lose it's momentum more and more... whilst there are still players on Starcraft II, there seems to be a learning curve that most are not keen on accepting or eager to take the patience to learn. This goes on both sides, the new player and the veteran alike. We who are familiar with AoS don't want to play with a new player anymore than the rest. So as AoS has fallen from it's place on the Arcade Spotlight, there must be a way to gain some new players without them or us suffering the learning curve. SO I SUGGEST that Whale create a training map dubbed: AoS Training and have a write-up about on the actual map, either the load screen or the template before clicking "Join Game". The map should go over the basics i.e. the different hero types: STR, AGI, and INT. Even suggestion of item types for the entry level players... and no i don't mean like in the "Buy Menu". I mean like a written ledger that describes for example... STR heroes. EXAMPLE: " STR heroes are generally tankier heroes who benefit from having some STR items. Each point of STR (+1 STR) will add an additional +10 HP to your hero and in some cases add an added effect to abilties which can be seen on an ability description (q,w,e,r and passive), such as in the case of Bio. A good start for such heroes depends on the type of play you'd like to achieve. For an auto-attacking hero like Kerrigan... items like duran's machette (for added health, weapon speed, and lifesteal) are a good starting point. For more advanced strategies try a Lost Treasure (health/energy regen and mineral unique) , Executioner's Axe (farming and mineral unique), and Duran's Machette (added health, weapon speed, and lifesteal) start once you're accustomed to the gameplay and how items should be used and bought." Mind you this is mostly for new players so this is not an end all only way to play any one of these heroes. Just a standard play meta that will at least keep you in the game without someone building a full out dps drake or something like that...

Also things like the type of hero it is so new players can know how to build (like Drake and Micro could be listed as Tanks), a description of how talents exist and how to set your talents via the N hotkey BEFORE picking a hero, and perhaps how to navigate the Buy Menu.


You can comment on this above example, note that it is an example and I don't care if you agree or not with the said notes, the point is to allow new players the chance to jump in a game and have some know-how and not walking around blind with other's mocking and raging about their play. I myself have been the one in this group so I don't exclude myself. BUT that said I feel more people would play.... the game would gain some more popularity, AND MAYBE just MAYBE, end up climbing higher up on the Arcade Spotlight so people will see it regularly!


Anyways this is just a suggestion to add more players to the game. I hope something can be done to bring the game back some popularity before Legacy of the Void and keep the game at the top, because I love playing AoS and would hope to see it continue to have a thriving community. Thoughts and feedback are welcome!

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Compared to other games in Arcade it is not user friendly.


- Making a tutorial (Newb wise) - game speed on normal "only the tutorial" would have a good effect. Or just a Intro tutorial before getting it on in pubs if it is not to demanding "linked from ingame" So before being abble to play public games. the newB shall go through the tutorial or skip intro of Aeon of Storms.


(dunno if that can be done)


Cuz srsly wasting 40-50 min on a game all b cuz one dude kept one doing Rambo First Blood from the start until the end is mindblowin. Every body leaves desatisfied & the game was wasted again.


Alot of the bm would be decreased both for the skilled players and non skilled players.


---think about it (dear dev`s)

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But i agree that aos needs something to help newbies

if a player joined aos first time, there should be some message to help them what to do

it's so sad to see them wandering around and dying to naturals or enemies having no clue what to do

at least a message box or tips

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I think more newb friendly enviroments are key into brining more heroes into the game. No noob is gonna make an account and start browsing through a forum. They want ingame guides.

Great suggestion, but I think that this takes a lot of time that would be put to making the game more balanced (or idk, whale?)

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i like what sphynx has done to help this kind of problem by creating a tutor style clan


it would be nice if we could further improve this concept

we could almost have a tiered clan system (like 123 etc)

1 for freshies

2 for intermediate

3 for advanced


& clans should be trying to progress people along to the next tier of clan

not to say that there still shouldn't be competitiveness between each tier (there can be many multiple clans in each tier to compete)

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