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Model: Kraith

Portrait: Kraith

Primary stat: strength

Role: anti carry bruiser

Base stats

Str: 35 + 8

Agi: 20 + 3

Int: 27 + 4

Base hp: 300

Base movement speed: 3.2

Base attack time: 2

Base damage: 40

Attack range: melee


Hp: bloodthirst, whenever Kraith gets a last hit he permanently gains 5 max hp and .05 hp regen,

If he gets a kill or assist on a hero he instead gains 50 hp and .5 hp regen


Q- zergdozer, Kraith initiates a charge which roots him in place any time over the next 3 second he can dash in any direction the charge starts at 5 units and gains .5/1/1.5/2 units per second charged deals 50/100/150/200 plus 10% max hp knocks all units hit up for 1.5 seconds costs 50/75/100/125 energy


W- eviscerate, Kraith slashes at all nearby enemies with the spines covering his body dealing 100/150/200/250 plus 75% weapon damage and 10% current health, melee range, slows by 50% for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds costs 25/50/75/100 energy


E- razor spines, Kraith has a hardened hide, he blocks 10/20/30/40/50% of all aa damage he takes and returns the amount blocked to his attacker and 25% of that as AOE damage in a 2 unit AOE around Kraith, damage type is true


R- spray of teeth 120 degree cone 3 units long, deals 25/50/75 plus 5% of damaged units current hp plus 2.5% of kraiths current hp every half second, deals spell damage, costs 10% of kraiths current hp per s

second, refunds 10/20/30% of damage done as heal to Kraith


This is a tanky hero who benefits from being able to farm well and is assisted in that by his high base damage, late game he is good at punishing carries but also decent at keeping tanks away, nobody wants to get hit by his ulti. He can also farm/push well by intercepting the wave and splashing damage all over them, DST would be a good item on him since nobody wants to take 360% of their weapon damage to only deal 105% of their weapon damage back

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I think your hero got Vito's for not using the spray of teeth animation, which is wonderful. Your hero fits a single theme better but would also get murdered by cauterizer or kura's deathmask, my hero actually fits a role that makes sense based on the model, giant spiked insect = damage reflection hyper tanky bruiser

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The numbers are hugely overpowered. 50% permanent phys res from a non-ult ability (that also deals damage?!?!?!) is insane. Also, heroic passive is basically the same as Drake's except on super steroids. (5x the health for assists, 2.5x for kills, and also something per every last hit......). Q is very similar to kharyk's. Energy costs are too low at early levels for q and w.

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