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The pitfalls of Ihan Crystal on INT Burst.


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Good day, and thank you for reading this post. We will get right to it.

I'm not so sure about rushing this item. People seem to claim it's the best item in the game, and that it's great on every hero.

For 2950 it's 300 HP and 30 INT, which can turn into 600 HP and 90 INT after 10 minutes.

I can see erekul rushing it. I can see rory rushing it. I can understand dustin rushing it.

But when competent players rush ihan on heroes whose roles are not INT support, but INT burst, I have to question the logic behind it.

For example, I see people rushing it on vergil, cow, and cyprus. Some players (looking at you, taznkid) rush this item on summers.

Depending on how the laning phase goes, you can expect to get ihan crystal anywhere from 8 minutes - 14 minutes.

To fully appreciate ihan, add in extra 10 minutes for 18-24 minutes.

This is right in the thick of mid-game, when the aforementioned heroes should be shining. When they should be doing their job as INT burst.

The enemy carries are starting to get their core items in order. The tanks and supports already have their team items by this point, mainly spell buffer.

By rushing ihan (and the consensus is that if you don't rush it, might as well not get it at all), you give up much needed spell amp (argus) and spell pen (gravity).

Not to mention the farm you could be missing out on! Cow can 1shot the entire creepwave WITHOUT ULT with just argus and a storm pauldron.

What are the arguments behind it?

1. Need the HP. Can't be squishy.

- Emerald lotus is only 1100 and gives a shapton of HP. Not to mention it's a component of nitrogen retrofit, which you might very well end up getting on those heroes.

2. Need the sustain. I'm OOM!

- Buy potions. Mana potions are literally the cheapest items in the game.

3. It gives me an edge over others late-game.

- How many competitive games even make it to late-game?




Feel free to poke at it,but be nice.

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Another hero that absolutely needs Ihan is Maar, he runs through energy at an absurd rate and his q won't help him much if there is no wave. I agree that Ihan reduces an int burst casters damage until mid game, but the heal can be lifesaving and it offers better sustain then any other item. Besides, int casters don't really hit their stride until late mid game, which is of course when carries are slaughtering everyone

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Well I get it on Jakk, because he is not a burst caster.


As for burst casters...generally at earliest it is gotten as the 2nd item, after Gravity or Argus.


For Dustin, he has MASSIVE energy consumption, which is why he needs Ihan. Plus, his Q deals True Damage, so he is not hurt as badly by delaying other key INT items.


Ihan is also pretty much the only INT HP item besides Nitrogen Retrofit (Symphonic Seed being the other, but I rarely see that item now).


If you need a chunk of INT "right now, at once, immediately", then of course Ihan is not that great...but otherwise, it will carry you into the late game, and compared to others who DID NOT get the item for the stacks, you will be stronger.



The MAJOR use that I have for Ihan is for those that have energy issues, particularly heroes like Rancor and Vergil, who, despite being casters, do not have INT as their primary stat and so hurt a bit in terms of their energy scaling.


Also....as far as I know, a proper Erekul or Rory DOES NOT get Ihan. They are tanky supports....they need to be building tanky, not building INT....

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I typically always buy Ihan Crystal when playing INT casters. IMO it's an awesome item for the following reasons:


1. It allows you to keep a constant presence in lane. This means you're getting more xp and more creep kills. This allows you to justify the cost of the item as well as get a level or two on your opponent. Sure pots are cheaper but you have to port back which takes time.


2. The stacks are permanent even after you sell the item. You also get half your money back so in reality you're only paying 1475 for all these benefits.


3. It can punish greedy players. I can't tell you how many times I've been low on life and someone get's greedy, goes for the kill, and I just pop Ihan heal and they end up dying.

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