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Hero Suggestion: Enchanter. Shiroe


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Got an idea while watching Log Horizon. I've been thinking of something like a "Offensive Support" would be a great addition to the game. Maybe this will give Whale some ideas.


Maybe use those Warcraft 3 models we have available?



Name: Enchanter. Shiroe

Profile: IDC (it's just a brainstorming idea for Whale)

Primary Stat: INT

Base HP: 300

Base Movement Speed: 2.90

Base Weapon Damage: 40

Base Weapon Speed: 1.8

Base Weapon Range: 6

Base Sight Range: 12

Base Stats:

AGI: 25 (+3 per Level)

STR: 35 (+4 per Level)

INT: 40 (+8 per Level)


Heroic Active: Mind Bolt (V)

Projectile Speed (Skill Shot): 6

Aoe Radius: 2 Units

Cast Range: 8 Units

Cooldown Time: 15 Seconds

Skill Text: Shiroe casts a magic projectile toward the target location. Enemy units hit by the projectile take 50 (+14*Level) True Damage


Ability 1: Astral Bind (Q)

Projectile Speed (Skill Shot): 5

Aoe Radius: 1 Unit

Cast Range: 7 Units

Cooldown Time: 20 Seconds

Skill Text: Shiroe fires off a binding spell, magically binding all Enemy Heroic Units hit, rooting the units in place for 1/2/3/4 Seconds


Ability 2: Cast on Beat (W)

Single Allied Heroic Unit Target Ability

Cast Range: 6 Units

Cooldown Time: 20 Seconds

Skill Text: Targeted Allied Heroic Unit gains +100% Cooldown Reduction for 1.5/3.0/4.5/6.0 Seconds. Can be cast on self.


Ability 3: Keen Edge (E)

Single Allied Heroic Unit Target Ability

Cast Range: 6 Units

Cooldown Time: 15 Seconds

Skill Text: Shiroe buffs the weapons of the targeted ally, increasing their Physical and Spell Damage output by 5%/10%/15%/20% for 5 Seconds


Ability 4: Ultimate Ability: Thorn Bind Hostage (R )

Single Enemy Target Unit Ability

Cast Range: 5 Units

Cooldown Time: 90 Seconds

Skill Text: The targeted unit is bound with explosive thorns, gaining 3 Explosive stacks for 20 Seconds. Any time the unit is damaged by a Heroic Unit, they lose 1 Explosive stack, taking 5%/10%/15% of the damage received as additional True Damage


The last ability's mechanics in terms of the damage dealt is like the old Contamination Shard and Gravity Edge (before they became Armor Penetration). Personally, I had alot of trouble fiddling with the numbers on the Ultimate. If I lowered it, it was too weak, if I raised it, it was too strong. I'm still not sure on the numbers. Maybe I should just rework it into a duration effect, but that seems to favor Auto-Attacks too much.


Might also just change it to deal Percent Enemy HP instead.

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Also I am fairly certain CDR is percentage of cd not timescale style so 100% CDR would mean you would have no cooldowns for 6 seconds


Nope. 100% cdr means that for every 1 sec of real time that passes 2 secs come of your cd.


Hence symphonic seed not being the beat item in the game and allowing perpetual vergil ultis in team fights.

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