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I'd like to compliment all the staff here at Aeon of Storms for making AOS such a lovely place to be. The people here are brilliant, the developers amazing and the wider community outstanding. Every player here is a beacon of hope, to every other game. I have never once in my life seen such a mannered community, in which grown adults never argue, scream nor CAPS LOCK shout in VoIP programs. A testament to this community is that I've never once seen bad-manner here on the forums or trolling.


We are a machine that is always going forwards, always modernising. The new Kerrigan change has been such a success, developers be proud. This is only one of many many updates which have been warmly received and thoroughly appreciated, I particularly like that the staff listen to us about every single suggestion, looking for ways to improve, rather than taking under-hand bribes or favouring certain people on VoIP programs or even listening to the loudest (and worst) players.


On that note please continue working hard and delivering quality updates to us, which as far as I've seen never have bugs or glitches, we value you.


Thank you,





Glad to see developers are listening to players now!


and shouldnt the game be balenced around pubs matchs? where the majority of people play?

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