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Aeon of Storms (ALL STARS LEAGUE)


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Hey man, nice work on these vids. Keep em up!


I have a humble request: when you're recording these during a replay, try memorizing the PoV hotkeys for one member of each team. It's damn near impossible to tell who is fighting who in many of your clips because the health bars are all the same color.


When I'm streaming a game, I only use the "everyone" vision when I'm bouncing around the map. During teamfights (or even a lane engage), everyone is typically so close together that it doesn't matter if I only have one team's "vision."

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PoV = Point of View.


If memory serves, you can't see red bars unless they're on the opposing team. So I would have to use a PoV from team 1 in order for team 2's health bars to turn red, and vice versa.


When you're watching a replay, you can cycle through each player's PoV using the number keys. I usually have my fingers on 1 and 6 (one player from each team) and then the E key is right nearby if I want everyone's vision. Idk what it's like in spec mode, but Alex has been using replays.

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What does PoV mean? FoV? Field of Vision?


Alex maybe you can use the setting which makes everyone green/red bar? Not sure if this works in spectator mode.


This's promo video, here color green or red bar and fights do not mean anything and not the essence

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