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Starcraft II: 2.1.9 Patch


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So this post is about the same time the patch became live...


1. Hosts can now kick pending invites




2. Three thousand new assets from Warcraft 3


Does this mean that we can now have Warcraft 3 models in Aeon of Storms? Because I think that would be great....

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1.everyone with slow internet pends when they join lobby for like 1~2 seconds

2.don't they have model? a lot of maps that i know are using it already


I believe they had to import them though, which added to map size, now that they've been officially added, they might be in higher resolution and you can use more because it's not stored in the map anymore (I believe).

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To clarify it never happened to me, no nostalgia involved.


But I'm trying to point out sth. There is good trolling and bad trolling. Good one usually makes people laugh, bad one getting them mad. Somehow most of the people doesn't see a difference nowadays. Moreover they feel proud about their bad trolling. This way word 'troll' got new meaning. Its used to cover immature and sad actions. 10 years ago u would call such a person a dick or make step back and think he probably has a very sad, pathetic life. But now? He is a troll, good one, isn't?


I've seen a lot of good trolling which I enjoyed. Past experiences build standards, creates some kind of indicator to distinguish good one from bad one.



U are pretty bad troll, Skydie. However its only my opinion. Seems u have found some receivers here, so I guess there always will be someone who will disagree with me.

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