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Jakk : Pyre vs Gauss Rifle


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Here is my thought on it:


What Pyre gives Jakk:

Cooldown Reduction

Weapon Speed

Physical Damage based on Enemy HP


What Gauss gives Jakk:

Movement Speed Active

Weapon Speed

Armor Penetration


Now, in my personal opinion, CDR isn't very necessary on Jakk, since his spells have a casting delay time that could be spent auto-attacking, and Pyre's unique is not nearly as effective without Armor Penetration.


Therefore, I consider Gauss to be a superior choice. Of course, that's if you are aiming to build Jakk as a DPS. I'll tell you this: It's extremely hilarious the amount of movement speed you can get when you activate both Gauss Cannon's and Yamato Reactor's actives.

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