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NEL for AoS?


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Hey guys,


I've been thinking about something I could do for the community, and I think I've found something interesting.


As I've gotten back into dota I remembered the NEL "tourney" and I intend to set one up for AoS (though it depends on whether or not I get some positive reactions here that tell me you guys would want to participate).


What it comes down to is an Inhouse League with personal MMR, that culminates in a tournament with the top 20 players (this number is up for discussions considering the size of the community) battling it out in raffled teams for the prize at the end. So you're registering as a player, not a team and teams will vary throughout the season.


Comments below. Bm will be met with a smile.






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Could the mods please (re)move the off-topic posts (aka the not-constructive debate about a system used in the past, but not the information about the system's existence)? Thanks.


To answer some of your questions: I haven't worked out the details yet, I wanted to see if there was interest before I began. As Soed implied, one of the possibilities is introducing everyone to IRC and simply copying the programming used for the NEL bot. This would ensure unbiased calculation of MMR/selection of teams and that the system would go on even if I were to vanish for some (in)explicable reason.


An example of MMR calculation would be to have everyone start out at 800, you'd gain 12 mmr for a win and 8 mmr would be subtracted for a loss. As I haven't decided on anything yet, it is still somewhat up for debate.


EDIT: My first thought on the length of a season is 6-10 weeks, as I intend to have 3 seasons every year with some pause time in between for exam periods and of course a 1-4 week period for the finals. I'm going to be as lenient with the time-restrictions as everyone is with communicating their issues.


As to the hesitation that team-less registry provided, this isn't meant to be INSTEAD of the normal inhouse league but as an ADDITION (while the two remain utterly unaffiliated in all aspects but name and game, and players, probably ... ).



Lastly, once I've worked some more stuff out, I'll be reaching out to the administrative staff to see about in-game functions/rewards for information/participation/achievements.

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No human-operated system will ever be completely free of bias. Judging by the recent flood of posts about low quality games, re-introducing a system that at least attempts to create more competition is better than what is currently happening.


Not that I expect Lame to game his own system, but we shouldn't let that possibility taint his efforts. An automated IRC bot would get the job done with ruthless efficiency (Gather community in CS 1.6 did this beautifully), but it's hard to introduce people to IRC this late in the game with such a small pool of players.


I think you could flesh this out with a similar spreadsheet to Tukey's and then move on from there (to something like IRC) if it's successful. With one more expansion coming out for SC2 this year, there will be one last influx of new/returning players to AoS. When that time comes, an already-in-place-and-successful system would do wonders for the competitive scene.

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Anyone remembers what IRC system we had back in the days, and why it died?


Must have been late 3.X something, was a pretty cool system where you pretty much signed up for an inhouse and as soon as there was 10 people teams we're picked and balanced out.


The downside with this was that some people had trouble signing up and sorting out IRC, judging by how some people barely manage to get on mumble it's gonna be fun to see an IRC system implemented lol.


Anyway, let's say something like this gets implemented, what if you want to play unranked, will you still be able to join a normal inhouse or would we have to exclude people who doesn't want to be part of the "elo" system?

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