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Please evaluate and fix my Pyro build


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Hi All,


Lately I played some Pyro games and I must admit I enjoed him a lot. Here's the latest build I used and since I am in no way a good player - I am more than welcoming good avice and fix to the build and etc. I will kindly ask you to give an explanation to anything you siggest (it's easier to accept something you can understand).




I use him is sort mixed strength bruiser / pusher. My items and the rationalization are:


1) Lost Treasure - Early creeping I rely alot on W and Q. Those "eat" a lot of mana. In addition at that point I am not very beefy yet, so I need an ability to run away and heal if harrased (due to short Pyro range I am easily harrased by range AAs).


2) Gradually building COA - It gives me STR and INT, but more important, later in the game I plan to stick to some DPS, so this item should supply some useful aura


3) Atom Smasher - I think it works well with both rocket jump and the "happy place", in case of offence and run-away with "biting back" respectively.


4) Carapace - STR and Life, becasue of scaling and the fact that some of the abilities enjoy life% bonus


5) Overheated Mantle - Becaue life (and thus life% to the dmagae) and AOE damage that helps me creep and bruise with rocket jump.


6) Contamination Shard - Trying to get some additional veapon damage and damage amplification - not sure if it's the best item.


7) Sell LT, buy Dark Steel Titan - By now a most of DPS are doing crazy amounts of damage, so I need some survivability, and it adds STR.


Gen. Playstyle:

Early lane and occasional jungle camp creeping. Harrasing with Q

Mid: Pushing lanes and joining gank squads mostly for R slow and E stun (can't kill much but get some nice assits)

Late: Just running with the team pushing lanes and assiting in killing stuff, massive use of W E R.


Skills: W, Q (helps creeping) and then max W and E while bumpong R every time it's possible, than Stats, stats stats and in the end Q, because damage amplificatino doesn;t seem to help until team-mates DPS really kick in.


% END %


So, fire away guys amd girls.

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Mmm... since his burn and skills do spell damage (I'm pretty sure), I would probably drop the contamination shard and depending on if he is considered melee or not, maybe pick explosive retrofit to double his AoE. Also getting super heated mantle earlier would help with creeping. But if you're jungling the early atom smasher would probably benefit you more for ganking.

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Pyro is pretty damn versatile...from what I've seen, you can build him as a Full Tank or Strength Bruiser. Just some opinions:


1. If you plan on getting Superheated Mantle,consider grabbing Nitrogen Retrofit as well. The two items synergize very well for a pain-in-the-ass AoE constant slow. Plus, Pyro deals a fair amount of Spell Damage that can also synergize with the slow, and health is never bad.


2. Rather than starting Lost Treasure, try a Metabolic Booster+Hatchet+Health/Mana Potion. Then, when you go shop, just buy a Khala Stone. Unless you had a extremely bad opening, you should be able to get it. And there you go, your energy issue is solved and you also just got a component for Coat of Arms.


3. For your skills, on Pyro, I would suggest getting one point into each one, then maxing whichever one it is that makes him moves faster and heals him, as it is a freaking broken jungling skill (heck, that heal is freaking broken in general). The damage AMP skill also gives you a range boost, which might mean the difference between a kill or not.


4. I'm not sure what Jaysi means, but Pyro is a ranged unit with 3 range, with a skill that can boost it temporarily to 6 range. Consequently, he will not deal that 60% damage that Melee heroes deal with Explosive Retrofit.


5. I personally like Contamination Shard on any Strength Hero that deals some form of constant Physical Damage. It just has amazing stats for a Strength Hero, so I support your choice on that item.


6. From looking at your build, it looks like you are running what I would say leans more towards Tank than Strength Bruiser, simply due to the lack of Weapon Speed. If you need some Weapon Speed, I would suggest C4 Gauss Cannon for the Armor Penetration and Active as well.


Arcbound is nice, but somewhat wasted without Khali Blade, and you probably do not have room for that.

Isomorphic Pyre is nice, but generally as Pyro, you will have more health than your target, which means you will not deal the maximum damage that Pyre's unique is capable of dishing out.


That's just my 2 cents.

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Basically if hes slapping you with his fists or swinging a blade at you, its melee. If hes shooting you with something, its ranged. Purely arbitrary.


So... Any hero with a base attack range of 1.25 is melee? Else not?

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