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I think it is time for my formal introduction.


I am MLGBLAZEHASH, otherwise known as ElfenBlack,NmExCrUiSeRz, OpeX,OPxMAriine, Dido,notoogien, CaarlZeLlama.


I am 17 and from the UK, i speak Turkish, English and Chinese. DAVAII DAVAII.

Currently retired from games as i got like 2 months till my biggest exams, and so i want to focus to do well so i can go to China for my Gap year and then hopefully get into the University i want to.

I am Ex- leader of clan LighTS, defining member of clan Super and some may not know but i played a custom game called Risk Legacy to a really high level as well.


I have been playing aeon of storms for a while now, i dont have any specific date but i had replays stretching to as far back as 2010 and 2012, so yea around then, i also played in Sotis but it was horseshap i felt, so i never played it. instead i focused on Risk Legacy, and ended up leading the EU Risk team against NA, aswell topping the ranking in the risk 1v1 ladder.

I got to rank 6 Masters in ladder on NA and then diamond on eu (but who plays on eu right?).

I am also quite an emotionally driven player so like if i am not in the mood or i am not enjoying it then i would let people know that, and it would effect my game, but i am normally quite loud and annoying so people normally get used to it and end up hating me and then soon learn to love me.

But as my other 4 accounts have been perma-banned, i think it is time for a legit account that i will not be for troll purposes.



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