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Late game creeps vs late game tower vs late game heroes.


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Heroes take too long to kill towers. In league for example, an fully geared adc can kill a tower in about 5 shots. Heroes take too little damage from late game towers. Other than artifact, I can comfortably sit around a turrent for a day with even a glass cannon. This model is frankly bad. A hero should not be able to solo a tower. Right now pentos, lz, etc, can eventually wear one down without dropping a lot of hp so you need to prevent backdooring, which is less of a factor in league (there you need at least a tanky hero to tank and a dps to shoot it). Meanwhile something like nova who should be able to take a turrent in one wave, but she can't, even if there is no annoying aoe spellcaster to remove all creeps with one ability. Drastically nerf tower health or armor, and give them an attack that deals a LOT more damage per each consecutive hit on the same target. Makes backdooring harder, but pushing easier.


Next up, creeps. At some point in the game they become impossible to stop if you are not cow or a fully geared adc (and even they do it slowly.....) if someone knocks down an inhib, and theirs is still up, you won't be able to push that lane even if you ace their team with most of yours still alive. It just takes too long to kill a seige minion, by the time you do a next wave is there. That just feels really stupid. If you kill them you are supposed to have no trouble. One push, maybe two while the whole team is down and it should be game. I understand why you might want to not have a fluke fight decide who wins, but right now you can't actually win without a fluke fight (personally I don't even bother with that crap. I win most of my games through rage quits and frustration-surrender). Solution? Slightly nerf their spell resist, MASSIVELY nerf their armor. Remove ability for ranged heroes to buy Explosive retrofit. Nerf broken heroes that can splitpush with impunity, while you are at it.

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