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Looking for good psychological thriller movies


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Try "the game". Or if you want an extreme mindflob (the equivalent of acid) movie, try "existenz", "eyes wide shut" or "vanilla sky". I watched all 3 when I was young, alone at night, (the first because it was the only thing on and I was bored, the later two for the bewbs......) didn't understand a damn thing, went to bed confused and had bizarre dreams that night.

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Ok, I'll name a few that haven't been mentioned here yet. What springs to mind is probably mostly classics, so good chance you've seen them already. "Psychological Thriller" is a broad genre, so bear with me.




The Machinist



Taxi Driver

Silence of the Lambs (series)

Primal Fear

Donnie Darko

The Shining

A Clockwerk Orange




I could name you a bunch more, but that's from glancing at my owned movies mostly, with a few bonuses sprinkled in. Should have you covered for a while.

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This hands down should be the fist movie you watch Dylan. Its flobing great. And its science fiction also. Granted the whole concept is very real.


Another science fiction gem is The Signal.


What I consider a gem is a movie that is not "main stream" i.e Inception. As an example the first Riddick movie with Vin. It came out of no where with a low budget but the story telling and acting was just great.

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Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

The wicker man

Requim for a dream

The illusionist

Layer cake

The Shawshank redemption

The usual suspects


Jacobs ladder



synodoche, New York

Arlington road

The machinist

American beauty


I've seen all of these numerous times. Some because they are that damn good. others because you just have to watch a few times to grasp the story in its entirety. There's more I'm not thinking of, but I'm a huge fan of mind flob movies.

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