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Frozen Cuirass/Mossberg Taser barely useful


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Current active is barely useful. U can't prevent from usage of some escape abilities which makes extremely hard to deal with many heroes. Maybe it can be useful against heroes with some spam-able abilities like Maar, Erekul or Vergil, but besides that its useless. Well, I do understand why Taser needed a nerf. Instant silence provided by such a cheap item was little bit overpowered. But why Frozen Cuirass has exactly same nerfed active? Make it to work like old Taser pls.

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":<" - Ye-oldi


Also you can walk around w/o skills for about 2-3 sec then go back to spam skills after ppl use taser


5 seconds. it lasts 5 seconds. So I mean, if you want to walk around for 5 seconds not using abilities then yes, you can avoid the silence. Except you are effectively silencing yourself...

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