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Tiberius. Rancor:DPS-Caster Hybrid Build v1.139


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Noob Talents:


Might, Fury

Fitness, Discipline, Integrity

Swiftness, Youth


Pro Talents:

Take out Discipline and Integrity for one of the following:








Build Order:

Fusion Blade+Hunter's Hatchet--->Duran's Machete--->Gravity Edge--->Ihan Crystal--->Lightning Rod--->C4 Gauss Cannon--->Energy Saber--->Cerebros--->One of the following, depending on what you need the most:


Weapon Speed + Spell Resist = Sliptide Scythe (synergizes quite well with Gravity Edge)

Weapon Damage = Xenomorphic Cleaver

Weapon Damage + Survivability = Galactic Defender

Weapon Damage + Agility + Mobility = Shinobi Style (synergizes well with Gravity Edge and Deadeye Cloak Field)

Weapon Speed + Weapon Damage + Agility = Timesplitter (synergizes quite well with Gravity Edge)

Resist + Mobility + Agility = Phantom Menace


And don't forget to sell that Ihan for Nitrogen Retrofit.


Might play a bit more risky and get Lightning Rod 1st or 2nd.

Played this in a pub: can be argued I basically carried the game, definitely won it for us in a way that full INT Rancor would not have.




Also played this today in a IH, did pretty well. Just too bad that Micro + Null and Cain stun is too OP.


Considering how squishy you are, C4 Gauss is a must, as the active serves as your escape/pursuit. Abuse the fact that Agility Pots are cheaper for you, and buy them often to get that Weapon Speed.

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