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Int jakk vs dps jakk vs hybrid


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I don't really get this post....Jakk's items tend to play alot like Null, except maybe you might pick up Pyre or something instead of, say, Star's Fury.


If by DPS, you mean items like Force of Entropy, Timesplitter, etc-typical-agility-carry items: its stupid on Jakk.


Now what I have found works best for me:


Duran's Pendant-->Lightning Rod---> Ihan Crystal--> Gravity Edge---> Nitrogen Retrofit---> Argus Crystal--->Yamato Reactor---> Star's Fury/Isomorphic Pyre, finish Cerebros somewhere in there.


My final build generally looks like:


Gravity Edge

Nitrogen Retrofit

Argus Crystal

Yamato Reactor

Schrodinger's Lockbox/Isomorphic Pyre/Star's Fury/C4 Gauss Cannon


If you are OP like Highdrater, Star's Fury WAS the best choice (when it was freaking OP, not so sure anymore), if you're a noob like me, grab Pyre/C4 so you can just activate Yamato Reactor then have at it.

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