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Queen/Gara pretty shap.


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Gara is pretty shapty right now.. I think you talked about buffing him whale, his scaling really lacks, also the SCV's die way too easy to AOE, basically worthless without a lockbox.


Queen is pretty fing boring in pub.


I've tried everything from troll builds to full on int. All seem to be just as boring and garbage. Troll aa, burst is really thing I was having a moderate amount of fun with.. scaling int is virtually worthless, unless you plan on playing solo all game by attacking towers. Not saying queen under powered or OP, just saying boring to play... Well maybe a little under powered against other heros, because the scaling is so low since the banes are so easy to avoid/kill with explosive ect.

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I played a couple of days ago a pub with Spooky, he was playing Queen and he did a good job, it was a very useful hero for the team. Our team was shap and the enemy team had a lot of agi and int AA heroes and they just got fed and won the game. Thing is, it took them one hour and a half to win even though we had 1 player less and 2 players feeding, even one of them ragequitted because the game wouldn't end, all because of Queen being able to defend so well our base.


Ultralisk was doing a really high damage and it would kill them pretty fast if they didn't focus it.


About Queen being boring... that's just matter of taste.


About Garamond, I love the way he works now, you can build him AA and you will just send a swarm of scvs to the enemy, wont be able to 1v1 ever because of mines' stun and your slow. It's really a powerful hero but you should forget rushing Lockbox or any int item. It's far from a worthless hero.

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