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Khyrak ultimate is very weak


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Basically u can skip this ability until u reach level 14. Simply isn't worth mana cost. Besides Khyrak isn't very responsive just after using it. Like casting time is longer than animation. Actually similar effect u may notice just after his Q ability which makes Khyrak very hard to control well. Anyway his bleed and ultimate rly needs some change. His Q isn't enough to make hero worth pick. So my suggestion is to make his ultimate bringing sth more. Bleed used to give +50% physical damage amplification which was extremely strong. Khyrak + Kerri was melting entire team. I'm not suggesting to bring this back. Just wanted to point out the main reason why Khyrak was ever picked. Right now there is literally no reason to get him if there Akasha or Drake in the pool.


So my suggestion is quite simple - give his ultimate additional passive which is buffing his bleed:

Level 1 - bleed do additional 20 damage per tick and amplify physical damage by 10%

Level 2 - bleed do additional 30 damage per tick and amplify physical damage by 15%

Level 3 - bleed do additional 40 damage per tick and amplify physical damage by 20%


Basically that would make worth to level up this ability as fast as possible and worth using on enemy team during teamfight. Numbers requires some tests of course.


Also make hero more responsive after Q and R.

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R-W still ok..... honestly the problem with him is that he has no armor, debuff imunity, spell armor, any defensive mechanic or ability. If you build him squishy to get kills he doesn't get a lot back from E, and if you build him tanky, he doesn't get kills and that big hp amount back. Make ult slow targets so he gets w on them more easily. Better yet, make his w have a way shorter cooldown for a small time after ult so he can drop w's like a madman.

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Once again, I will say my suggestion=

Bleed 6% current health per second -> 5% missing Deals double damage if target is under 15% Health.

It doesn't seem very realistic.

Like imaging if you had a little paper cut on your hand. Annoying as they can be, your life isn't threatend at all.

Imagine if you just went under a car. You barely survived, but you had cuts everywhere. But you live because you don't bleed!


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by that logic im pretty sure everyone would die in one shot to kerrigan or zeratul. @_@

Which post u are referencing to? Anyway scaling with missing health for DoT ability would be ridiculously strong. Scaling with Max HP is already common. However scaling with Current HP is very weak since its do no damage to low health heroes. Therefore I've suggested to improve it by adding some fixed amount damage to it.


There is also other cool option what his ultimate may do. For example instead amplifying physical damage it can reduce timescale of enemies by 15%/20%/25%. There is no such a utility in current AoS heroes pool, I think it would be pretty cool. Kinda of counter to Yomato. And would make Khyrak viable as carry since he would be able easily stick to the enemy and it wouldn't be countered by slows removal items. Basically we would have another melee bruiser after Balrog.

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