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Raynor's raiders broken


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Seriously, how is this not a topic already. They deal good damage, they take 3-5 shots to kill early to midgame, 2 lategame for most. They do more damage than raynor does, per shot, and they slow. You can't 1v1 raynor because of how much dps they deal, its like he has a FOE for free if you are trying to run away, they are like a grunty swamp trap except they deal damage when you try to run past them, slow for a lot longer, don't expire, and provide more vision. On top of that, he can drop them for vision into bushes or high ground, can walk them into bushes or high ground, can put them next to himself so he's hard to click on, are excellent at last hitting, with or without raynor being there, and so on so forth. It's one of my most satisfying experiences when I'm playing a hero with an AoE burst like cyprus to just say GTFO rauders and blast them to kingdom come, but most heroes lack that ability. It's like a garamond turrnent that moves, provides cc, can be cast quite far into the fog off war, deals more damage, etc, etc. Please just change the ability, it's silly. It would be worthless if you weaken it by a lot, but it's not in a good place right now. It removes a lot of the skill in landing q and r, and just playing raynor in general.

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Whale wants to make sure Raynor is very OP since it is a tradition passed down by Redhydra, our old balancer.


Without it, AoS/SotIS will not be the same anymore for those who have been playing this game since day one.




On a more serious note, they are meant to be strong early and mid game and fall off late game.


Because of Raynor's short attack range, he needs the extra slow to ensure his enemy cannot harass him effectively during the laning phase.

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