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Guide request: Roulette Jackson, Vagabond. Darpa, and Mogloo. Grunty


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Above, nuff said. My personal problems:


Jackson: Low health pool even building tanky, I can't seem to ult+Silence properly.


Vagabond. Darpa: Haven't played since ultimate was changed, but the one game that I played him, I could barely keep a 1-1 k/d ratio. Kept getting bursted by a freaking Vergil.


Mogloo. Grunty: I can't seem to land rockets, have alot of energy issues, and simply can't seem to stay alive in lane.

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Ability tree : E-Q-E-Q-E-R-E-Q-Q-Q-R-W-W-W-Y-R-Y-Y

Talent tree : 1-4-2(spell damage-health,spell resist,physical resist, forify-mvment,energy)

Item tree : Start with 2gp3s then dial+warpshard(i'd prefer warpshard first but doesn't matter which one first)

->argus->gravity->yamato->nitro then change dial into w/e you want or just keep it

i use warpshard to jump in, dial to run

dial is too hard to jump in right position in teamfight(like you want to jump next to DPS+Casters)



nova darpa avenger toxi same shaps :C

just practice AAs they're all same



i think it's your skill tree problem

i use Q-E-W-Y-Y-R-Y-E-E-E-R-Q-Q-Q-W-R-W-W

so your skills doesn't cost that much energy

about items, you need to build tanky due to your short range attack

i.e. FoE or Galatic everything else is situational like other dpss

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Jackson is very difficult in pubs for 2 reasons.


1. You rely on team mates to do well


2. He is very good with certain team comps and quite weak with others


Always go warpshard first item! Then build tanky or full int depending if its a pub or not. Chillung is good and so is nitro becase they sync with your w


Skill build. For inh I go eqweerewwwrqqq

In pubs I would max q cuz I like kills. Dont under estimate his w.


remember the threat of your ulti is just as strong as your actual ulti. Keeping the other team spread by just running at them

This can force bad positioning and allow for pick offs if they split or a good 3 man ulti if they run through a tight gap


After you ulti remember you dont have to rush to e. I dunno iF if it still happens but when I started to play jackson if you ultied then e top quickly your e wouldnt always work. Just take your time there you have a good second to press it



despite what some people say jackson is

not a very good initiator. Before a team fight, unless the other team is brain dead, they should be spread sufficiently to avoid a 3 man ulti. It is best to let the team fight start then jump them as they run in or clump as they fight!


Yours sincerely

the best jackson in the world



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Tried Darpa again today....carried 21-5 in pub -_-;


BujaoSuperio kept dying lol


Luckily, Zeratul, Cain, and Shadow were pretty scrub, just Timesplitter+Auto-Attack+Silence pretty much did it.


Do you build Grunty like other DPS? I could also use some advice on using Swamp Trap and River Run.


BTW Aeren: You might be OP enough to build Jackson squishy like that and make it work, but I sure as hell can't. I see why people get Warp Shard first on Jackson though, think I'll start doing that instead of Impact Dial.

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