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Boros nerf


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I didn't see any recent topics on this, but there should be.


Boros is the one player that has been OP for the entire time I've played SCII. Even shap players do decent in pubs with him

Complain about Juggernaut in DotA,because boros is almost identical to him.

It's not only become a LoL clone, but a DotA clone too.

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If you dont get bolad boros is weak.

Sub-par jungler, sub-par laner

2 best abilities are difficult to use in lane, near impossible near artifact

ultimate can hit neutral creeps when fighting in jungle, can be avoided/cancelled with blinks/lockbox, smoke bomb, other forms of cloak

Omnislash can cause one to overextend/leave you frozen in place

Boros can still be killed with AoE spells even in the middle of Omnislash


Still think he is OP?

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