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Changelog: v0.7

From v0.1

  • Updated Lore, Alignment
  • Improved definition on Abilities: Heroic passive, 2, 4-
    • Heroic passive- changed explosion radius from 2u -> 1u radius, defined: interceptor move speed, range and break range, pathing
    • Ability 2- defined packet life duration/attacks to destroy, cleaned up ability definition and Level descriptions
    • Ability 4- reworded weapon speed increase

From v0.2

  • Added base attributes and attribute scaling

​From v0.3

  • Adjusted all values in 'W'
    • ​Decreased armor and spell resist gains from health/energy packets
    • Changed % health/mana from str/int to Max Health/Energy
    • Gave packets 100HP-> clarified which dmg types can destroy them

From v0.4

  • Adjusted all values in 'E'- changes needed in order to emphasize the importance of its timing- 6 second duration with a 16 CD was too much overlap.
    • Increased CD 28/24/20/16 -> 28/25/22/19
    • Decreased duration 6->5

From v0.5

  • Clarified range of abilities- confusion on 'W' that referenced old name of Skill 3.
  • Balanced 'Q' to help him fit his role
    • From each additional interceptor dealing 40% wpn dmg + spell dmg (10% str+10% int) -> 20% wpn dmg + spell dmg (10% str+15% int )
    • CD reduced 15/13/11/9 -> 14/12/10/8
    • Energy cost reduced 60/100/140/180 -> 40/70/100/130
      • Explanation of 'Q' change: Since her role is either AA Tank or True Tank, the 'Q' is now geared towards getting interceptors onto the battlefield as they are the key to her survival.
        • Bruiser Tank Model: 400 dps endgame is easy to achieve so add in the additional stat growth, his lvl 4 'Q' can output (400*1.6 + 220*.6+150*.5) 847. This is not unreasonable considering a majority of this damage is apart of her normal auto attack.
        • True Tank Model: 160 dps endgame with str=360, int=210. Lvl 4 'Q' can output (160*1.6+360*.6+210*.5) 577. Again, considering her stats are much better in this model, she still provides decent damage while remaining an extremely viable tank on the battlefield.

From v0.6

  • Changed AA animation from straight line to typical SC interceptor 'swoop' @ movespeed 10
  • Altered Q mechanic to make it more of a timed AA nuke
    • 'Q' now charges up at specified rate per level- allowing the player control over when they are fired and how much damage they will deal
      • Reasoning: I wanted to increase the amount of decision-making allowed by this skill. Now there is a trade-off between getting a potshot off and getting a bit more health/mana/armor/spell resist onto the field or waiting to deal greater damage.

Date Created: 1/26/2015










Base Model: Blue Carrier



Role: Bruiser/Support Tank

Alignment: Protoss, Good

Attack Animation: Interceptor that circles the carrier until it is launched. Interceptors follow typical SC pathing of a 'swooping' dive-bomb style

  • Further explanation (in relation to 'Q')- a single interceptor is fired every X seconds based on Selendis' attack speed. Additional interceptors swarm around Selendis as 'Q' charges up. The number of interceptors swarming relates to the level of her 'Q' ability which can be fired at any point without waiting for a full charge.




“Selendis represents the best and brightest of what the protoss can be…”

--Chris Metzen

Given command of a Protoss carrier, Selendis was sent to an unknown planet in order to help Prelate Zeratul and Hierarch Artanis seal The Archive before it is overrun by the hybrid. Completely outnumbered and without the proper resources to defeat the hybrid onslaught, Selendis knew there would only be one outcome for her Protoss brethren-- death. After successfully sealing the Archive, Selendis escaped in her carrier, looking forward to the day she would destroy Amon and his hybrid army.


Using her extreme intellect, Selendis redesigned her carrier to be the ‘shield’ she felt her forces needed against the hybrid. The carrier is retrofitted with a highly efficient recycling system, converting any interceptor destroyed in battle back into materials capable of repairing allied defenses and replenishing energy sources. Selendis enters the Aeon of Storms to run extensive tests on her warship, ensuring that the Protoss will never fall to the hybrid again…


Base Stats:

Health - 270

Movement - 2.7

Attack Range - 5.5

Attack Speed - 1.9

Base Damage - 40 (+4)


Armor -

Spell Resist -


Strength (Primary) - 44 (+7)

Agility - 23 (+3)

Intelligence - 33 (+5)




-Heroic Ability- Interceptor Fleet (Passive)


Selendis fires interceptors at her enemies dealing an initial 80% weapon damage. Once an interceptor hits the enemy it becomes rooted for 0.5 second and then explodes, dealing spell damage (20% Strength + 10% Intelligence) in a 1u radius. Interceptors cannot be destroyed. Selendis must be within attack range to launch an interceptor but once launched, it will follow its target for a distance of 10 units. Interceptors have a movement speed of 10, swarming around the carrier until they are called upon to fire. Once an interceptor is launched, it travels to the target with same pathing as normal SC interceptors (signature swooping, dive-bomb pattern).



-Ability One 'Q'- Interceptor Squadron (Active)


**Selendis’ next attack launches additional interceptors at the target. Selendis can choose to use this ability at

any point, consuming the interceptors circling her exterior. Each addition interceptor deals 20% weapon damage

and explodes for (10% Strength + 15% Intelligence) spell damage. Cooldown begins after interceptors are fired, or 6 seconds.


Mana Cost: 40/70/100/130

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 per interceptor

Range: Same as auto attack range


Level 1: 1 additional interceptor

Level 2: 2 additional interceptors

Level 3: 3 additional interceptors

Level 4: 4 additional interceptors


**Further mechanic explanation: similar to grunty's shawtgun or vorpal's spears except when activated, all currently stored interceptors get fired at once. The player does not have to wait for the fleet to be fully charged. At Level 4, the interceptors can be launched with 1,2,3 or 4 charges. This is intended to add a time-based micro-nuke to Selendis' AA.



-Ability Two 'W'- Reduse, Reuse, Recycle (Passive)


Once it explodes, each interceptor converts back into one of two basic materials - health or

energy (50% chance). Any packets not collected that are within the 'Material Vacuum'

radius boost the carrier's % of armor (health packet) or spell resist (energy packet).

Packets have a 12 second life and 100HP. Any form of damage can destroy them.


Energy Cost: N/A

Cooldown: N/A

Range: 5/6/7/8


Level 1: Health/Armor (5 + 1% Max Health/2% Strength) or Energy/Spell Resist (5 + 1% Max Energy/2% Intelligence) per packet.

Level 2: Health/Armor (9 + 1% Max Health/3% Strength) or Energy/Spell Resist (9 + 1% Max Energy/3% Intelligence) per packet.

Level 3: Health/Armor (13 + 1% Max Health/4% Strength) or Energy/Spell Resist (13 + 1% Max Energy/4% Intelligence) per packet.

Level 4: Health/Armor (17 + 1% Max Health/5% Strength) or Energy/Spell Resist (17 + 1% Max Energy/5% Intelligence) per packet.



-Ability Three 'E'- Material Vacuum (Active)


For 5 seconds, all packets within range are automatically pulled into the carrier's loading bay.


Energy Cost: 70/90/110/130

Cooldown: 28/25/22/19

Range: 5/6/7/8


Level 1: 5 unit radius

Level 2: 6 unit radius

Level 3: 7 unit radius

Level 4: 8 unit radius




-Ability Four 'R'- System Overhaul (Active)


As Selendis fights, her carrier's AI system analyzes the battle, improving all aspects of its

defense and weapon systems. All interceptors launched while Overhaul is active recycle at

twice the efficiency (2xHealth/Mana, 2x armor/spell resist) and weapon speed is increased by 30%.


Energy Cost: 180/200/220

Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds

Range: N/A


Level 1: 5 second duration

Level 2: 6 second duration

Level 3: 7 second duration




I would really appreciate feedback. The more the merrier.


I will further define the hero's role and build suggestions but that takes time and I would like active criticism, suggestions or praise depending on what you would like to offer.


Thank you

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I like this hero, but I don't know what her scaling represent. Is it a caster? A tank? I like the way she uses the interceptors for everything, but keep in mind that it'd be hard to go against her, since she can attack with decent damage and quickly heal. Other than that, I like her.

It is also hard to say a lot about her without the base scalings, so please add that on.

I'd sure be the first one to play it, if it was ever implemented ^^

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Alright Darkr,


I have updated the base stats. Will be changing revisions again after I add in her intended role. My basic idea is that she is a tank bruiser that gets stonger the longer she remains in battle. I see her as less of a caster and more of an extreme damage soaker. My intent is that she would come into battle and begin tanking by AA'ing a hero or creeps, boosting she and her allies ability to self heal and mana regen. I wanted to also give her the ability to decide whether she needed the health or simply could out-tank the enemy by leaving the packets on the battlefield and gaining the armor and spell resist.


Other than Tychus and Justicar, there really isn't a good tank that gets stronger as they fight, especially in a 1v1 situation. Justicar and Tychus have the ability to do high output burst dps and I wanted a Tank that was scary not for its dps (although this one could be) but rather one that was scary because it provided a great passive support for its team in both team fights and the laning phase.


Lastly, I wanted a tank that didn't require a ton of micromanagement but DID require a lot of battle tactic knowledge. I think decision making and timing are the two most important factors in a team winning and an individual's ability to mash a bunch of keys is much less so. Therefore, I built Selendis on that model, giving the player the choice of collecting the packets for heal or leaving them for her teammates to collect as well as gaining the armor and spell resist.


My thought is that she can be built one of two ways:


DPS tank (passive approach)- focus on increasing attack speed, dmg and possibly some lifesteal to get the most packets possible onto the battlefield, allowing her to passively become tankier while she fights




True tank (active approach)- focus on increasing stats of her packets (str/int, health/mana) as well as gaining cooldown items to increase her ability to cast 'Q' and 'R', greatly increasing the potency and quantity of the packets.


Item suggestions to follow.



Thanks for the input.

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Is it true that the developers don't plan to ever implement a carrier model hero? If so, I think it is a bit short-sighted. A scaled model of a carrier would take on a character of her own. Not all heroes have to be biological in nature. In fact, a lot of heroes in the SC universe are mechanical... including Selendis' carrier or Mengsk's battlecruiser. Cases in point: Immortal.Solidus, Omega.Starscream, Voltron.Leo, and Garamond.Singsprocket.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Wait... LoL? Why are we stealing those ideas. Can't there be some originality? No offense but AOS has always been relatively original, why wouldn't we stick to community input on hero suggestions as opposed to porting over a bunch of heroes that mean very little to the individual community member.

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Wait... LoL? Why are we stealing those ideas. Can't there be some originality? No offense but AOS has always been relatively original, why wouldn't we stick to community input on hero suggestions as opposed to porting over a bunch of heroes that mean very little to the individual community member.

Whale is from RoA

It is now heavily debated the LoL thing.

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