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Hero Name=Lotus.Colossus


Unit Base=Colos

Role=Carry, Pusher

Alignment=Lawful Neutral

Lore="TBA "

















Health - 210

Health Regeneration - .3

Movement speed - 2.85

Attack Range - 2.5u (see E passive)

Attack Speed - 1.75

Base Weapon Damage - 39

Starting Weapon Damage - 43

Attack Animation Name - [Thermal Lance (start at one attack)]

Base Armor - 1

Energy - 333

Energy Regeneration - .3
















Strength 12 (+3/lvl) Agility 27 (+6/lvl) Intelligence 14 (+4/lvl)

Famous Quote=

"*some wierd sounds*"




Heroic Passive

Big Foot


Collosus can move through units and obstacles. This does not affect cliffs.




Laser Sweep

Target Place - 19 Unit Radius

After a 1 second channel, Colossus deals True Damage in an area. Can only be cast if colossus has vision of the area.

True Damage= 50/90/130/160 (+25% Weapon Damage)

Cooldown= 35sec/35sec/27sec/27sec

Cost= 60/100/140/180




Leg Stretch

Self Cast

For a duration, Colossus can move through cliffs, although while in this state he cannot attack. The cost reduces his movement speed and armor.

Duration= 2sec/3.5sec/5sec/6.5sec

Cooldown= 50sec/45sec/40sec/35sec

Cost= -7.5%/-12.5%/-17.5%/-20% Movement speed/Armor



Stretching Rays


Colossus can attack from up to 8.5u range, but losing (if range <4u =( 4.25*u=y%))(if range >4u =( 10.75*u=y%)) y = weapon damage. So the closer Colossus gets to the enemy the more damage he deals.




Lances of Terror


Self Cast


Colossus has 1 attack at spawn, so Colossus gains additional attacks.


[self Cast]

Colossus gains additional attacks for a duration. Stacks with Passive.

Both the passive and self cast attacks' weapon damage are reduced by (14*Number of Additional Attacks = x) x=% of Weapon Damage.

[Passive]Additional Attacks= +1/+1/+2

[self Cast]Additional Attacks= +1/+1/+2





EDIT: Images are flobed up :/

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even though the cast range for q is good, the damage still isnt noticeable, dustin hits hard and its like double this but where does the colossus get vision?, Big Foot seems op vs null ff, LZ ring or Cow wall

I was worried he would be OP, due to his Ulti and skills that make him very squishy, escaping quickly from enemies and then attacking them with 250% damage.

Colos is a counter to those heroes, but can be easily disabled by crowd control and good positioning in teamfights.

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