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Balrog is underpowered


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Changelog v1.harryhootie



- Heroic passive now deals 100% of balrog's maximum health as bonus damage on attack

- Q range increased to 20 units, now stuns the target for [balrog's Current Hp/100] seconds.

- W Now grants permanent debuff immunity so long as balrog is above 10% Max HP

- E now had quadruple the effect

- R Balrog now permanently increases his hp by [Target's Max Hp] whenever he kills a unit with this ability. Cooldown resets if he kills any unit.

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Give R 1 stack for units and 2 stacks for heroes. Like the old drake stacks for str. If 2 stacks are gained reset cooldown 50% so there's not too much opness with spam ulti on a group of heroes in a team fight.



Edited. I was referring to balrog's R. The old drake stacks concept was for an older drake ages ago. This is only a reference to what Balrog could have to give incentive to use his ulti in team fights since someone complained about a possible "afk, lost in the jungle, farming" balrog.

Edited by gabrielmcg
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Balrog is currently considered a 1st pick in ih. Old drake gaining an extra 2 STR could be interesting!

This. Frankly, I think what make's Balrog so powerful is everthing about him:


Q: Provides instant gap closer, relatively decent damage and immense slow

W: Debuff Immunity allows the use of Q with relatively little risk

E: You gain life on attack. Nuff said.

R: This, combined with that fact that Balrog is a Strength Hero, gives Balrog immense health pool. Not to mention that base damage is really something.

Heroic Passive: Large health pool =lots of damage


If you remove/change either Q,W, or R, then suddenly Balrog is not nearly as powerful. Possibly the same case for Heroic Passive and E, but it's kinda hard to test that.

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