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Logo (Remake)


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Hey guys, so I decided to make a logo remake since the one we have's quality isn't anything great. It is the same, but with better quality btw. It is probably rubbish anyways, but still no offence to anybody is meant.



JPG - http://imgur.com/8MI4fkP

PNG - http://imgur.com/A69faYF

PSD - https://www.dropbox....Reborn.psd?dl=0

My Imgur - http://darkr.imgur.com/all/


Note that you'll either need photoshop or a PSD Viewer to open the PSD file... Dropbox has a viewer, but it cuts 90% of the quality away.

The PSD has some bonuses ;))))





So... I decide what goes here... MUAHAHA!!!

Credits are not a must but would be very nice

Please tell me before you use it, and tell me where you'll be using it via PM or in the replies



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Is the filling meant to be white? Could be a useful template to have different themes for the filling as we cycle through loading screens.


Also, is credit ever given to artists on their work?

I can change the color with just a click of a button. :D
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