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AoS is a custom-settings map created for Starcraft II. In order to play, you'd need to have Starcraft II installed. Blizzard's SC2 page. After that, go to the Arcade section and locate Aeon of Storms. SC2 will automatically download the lastest version of the map for you. I strongly suggest you start off by choosing "Create Custom Game" and start it with just yourself so you can get used to the layout and options within the game. You can type "-help" in-game to get a list of commands, some of which are only available as a single player for the purpose of testing and trying stuff out. Since you'll be alone, you won't have to worry about other players and can take almost all the time you need (almost because, eventually, the creeps of one team will win even without player input). Once you get a good handle on how it works, then just select <Play> to join a public lobby.

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Many apologies Lreoj I thought you were a bot allow me to redeem myself. If you want to access the Aeon of Storms you must do three things:


1) Make a Battle.net account: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/?- [FREE]

2) Download and install Starcraft 2 (SC2) [FREE]

3) Log in and play! [FREE]


You do not need to pay for anything. Your free Battle.net (b.net) account won't let you play SC2 melee matches (or league matches in SC2) but you can access custom maps. Aeon of Storms (AoS) is a custom map. All custom maps are free for anyone in an area of SC2 known as the arcade.

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