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State terrorism in 21st century.


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Western powers needs to stop a end to this terror reign! UN must impose heavy sanctions on this country. State terrorism does not belong in 21st century! Every week i see new videos of police executing their own civilians in this country. Lets all pray that this country can become democratic and tear itself from the shackles of death and terror! And lets hope it can be done without US and allies bombing this country back to the stoneage.


The execution of Jerame Reid is just one of far to many state terror killings!




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the video is unclear, we cannot see the passenger's left hand, unless I am missing something.


though this isn't really the place for this kind of discussion, since it is a gaming forum, not a political forum.


On a serious note, i see all them other threads here are only about gaming.


awwww!! Zombie how is the city where you live? calm? :p I must read how things are around there :p


We surely dont live with that kinda police:D

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No one takes Faux News seriously. The state of the world is slowly getting better. Painfully slow in many cases, and not without setbacks and detractors and people working to prevent forward movement, but better. And large organizations like UN, EU, etc. are no great help, either. Any government can become corrupt; bigger doesn't make it any better. But, eventually, society will advance beyond the point where corruption is worth the effort and those kinds of people will slowly die out.

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The world is less violent today than any other point in human history.


If you think otherwise, you've been watching too much of the 24 hour news cycle, plain and simple. Sure, we have some big problems today that didn't exist in the past, but the standard of living is undeniably higher. When you're not broke and stupid, you're less prone to violence.

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