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Better underpowered than getting luda kills early midgame


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He is srsly OP. You cannot escape from his ulti, slowing you and healing himself from 1% health to 100% health. Late midgame he is ivunerable if he casts it. He can also deal much more massive damage with ar pen and kill all the enemies in the cloud because he gets a enormous boost of speed and the enemy loses speed. On top of that, he is untergetable from range because of his blind.

His Q can make him run away from cain's ulti unharmed, and deal big damage while attacking a enemy. He can also use it along with his vortex to easily catch an enemy who has gone through all the trouble of getting a decent distance away from him.

His E just lets him attack a running enemy like its staying still. Not op??

Earlygame he can take 4 jungles with just 2 tier 4 items and pots. Any other her capable of that?

Yes, this is one of 'them' threads. Like nerf him or remove him already. Hes a flaw to the balance.

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