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Skydie where u at!!!


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Americans' got a thing for this gangsta's shap, they love me. Maybe that's why they constantly asking their 'leaders' to ban me.

The Nazis here stop allowing me to PM out of fear; that I will start some uprising (a perfectly legitimate one) for EU rights in here..



PS: Red giff me PM privileges/Title/Profile msg back.


I mean I should be happy PM was fixed - so thanks - but it was a bit late and to be honest I still don't have broadcast rights in my profile. I need to be able to quote my

W.H. Auden quote: To those to whom evil is done. Do evil in return.


Considering I was banned totally illegitimately for over half of 2014 I think compensation is in order. Along the lines of Mod privileges/anti-ban 'tokens'/donor badge.


For the record I have no smurfs..


Tldr: Mod hate. NA hate. TY Ghostblade/Marty getting me PM back. Sup Ghostblade.

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