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Hero Name=Kraith.Bloodluster


Unit Base=Kraith

Role=Tank, Carry


Lore="Kraith, a savage creature in the wilds, who had evolved over millions of years, killing taking massive damage from hundreds of enemies all at once, and then releasing his inner fury on them all, quickly healing all of his wounds. But one day, he was imprisoned by Chuck Tbone, an outlaw in the wilds. Chuck had brought him to the battlefield, where now they destroy everything that stands in their way together, as a team." -Darkr



















Starting Health - 600

Health Regeneration - .3

Movement speed - 2.75

Attack Range - Melee

Attack Speed - 1.8

Base Weapon Damage - 44

Starting Weapon Damage - 60

Attack Animation Name - [His attack???]

Base Armor - 2

Energy - 230

Energy Regeneration - .3

























Strength 21 (+5/lvl) Agility 27 (+7/lvl) Intelligence 14 (+4/lvl)


Famous Quote=


"My blood pulses!"






Heroic Passive

Vampiric Pulse



Every 3.5 seconds, Kraith gains +25% Lifesteal and +15% weapon damage for 1.5 seconds.





Hell's Strike


Self Cast

Kraith's next attack deals bonus Physical Damage and has 22% Lifesteal. The target attacked takes bonus damage for 2 sec.


Physical Damage= 40/55/70/85 (+65% Weapon Damage)

Bonus Damage Taken= 6%/12%/18%/24%

Cost= 50/90/130/150

Cooldown= 7sec







Kraith's attacks restore himself missing health. This effect is reduced by 50% while Kraith is taking damage from an enemy hero.

Missing Health= 4.5%/6.5%/8.5%/10.5% (+1.2% Enemy Maximum Health)




Blood Leap


Target Place - 7u

Kraith leaps to target place, spilling his blood across to where he leaps. For the next 5 seconds after he had leapt, he gains bonus lifesteal that decays over the 5 seconds. The blood spilled deals Spell Damage per second and slows enemies crossing it. This ability cannot be used if Kraith has below 10% Maximum Health.

Spell Damage per second= 10% Current Health

Bonus Life Steal= 11%/17%/23%/29%

Cost= 10% Current Health




Primal Leech


Self Cast

Kraith releases the sacred art of primal leeching from his ancestors. For the next 12 seconds, Kraith steals the enemy's Current Health and armor on attack. He also gains 12% Life Steal. The health returns to normal after the duration is over.

Health Stolen per Attack= 6%/8%/10%

Armor Stolen= 8%/12%/16%

Cost= 160/220/280

Cooldown= 160sec/110sec/85sec

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Wow you could prob get Explosive Retrofit and Naix Claw, and along with his abilities, easily get something like 150% lifesteal.


Does Cauterizer counter lifesteal?


This hero will be based on pure lifesteal, so it will be very squishy, tanking the damage and then quickly recovering.

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