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Fox news.


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Just watched a bit more. It is ridiculous the largest news channel (by market share) in the US is allowed to spew crap like this..no wonder some peeps here are a lil cray cray.


Since when was the Muslim Brotherhood the mother of all Jihad groups? Then they accuse a city in the UK of being a no-go zone for white people - when the majority of people there are white.

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You need to look at Fox News as a business and political organization first and a news organization second. They have gone so far right that Bill O'Reilly has become the voice of reason on that network. Since you're from the UK, compare their style to The Daily Mail: sensationalist bullshap 90% of the time with a few grains of truth here and there.


EDIT: Haha wow...I didn't bother watching the video at first, but now I did. Even for Fox, this is pretty extreme.

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